Got the itch again "real bad" for tube mono blocks

OK, my firend is trying out my speakers to decide if he is going to buy a pair that somebody is selling and today he brought over his Rogue M-150 mono block tube amps. I have been interested in buying the Dynaco MKIII mono blocks completely restored since they go for under a grand rebuilt just to try something new. After hearing the Rogues with stock Sovtek tubes, I am again wondering what if. There are a few decent choices like the Sonic Frontiers Power 3 (recently came down in price), of course Audio Research, Quick Silvers, Rogue, Dynaco, etc.

So does anyone have any advise on tube mono blocks in the $1000 price range and then up to $2,000 if I decide to go that far?

My current system, CEC TL-2X transport into Museatex Bitsream modified DAC, Counterpoint SA-5000 tube preamp and
either Counterpoint SA-220 modifed hybrid power amp or John Hillig modified Hafler 220 SS power amp. Right now I am listening to the Alon V MIIs with the Rogues and Carl from Alon (Nola) was right about the Alons and 100+ watt tube amps, really nice.

Thanks and Happy Listening.

no brainer aes six pac sell for 1500 and up , if you decide to go that way...i own them and have owned all kinds of very good tubed unit....for the money...they are a steal...
Amen to what Dwhitt said....
I'm running Apogee Duetta Signatures with Rogue M-120 monos...they do a nice job but I think I'm going to move to a pair of used Wolcott monos sometime in the next year...I'm in the research phase now.

Rogue M-120 Magnums usually go for around $1,500 here at Audiogon, (not trying to sell mine).

The Alon Vs are 87db, I am not sure that the AES can drive them. Carl at Nola recommended at least a 100 WPC tube amp like the ARC VT-100 when I spoke to him last. Thoughts?
It is very likely they will drive them very well.

I drove 88dB Gallos with them very well in an open room, but impedance & phase characteristics are more important to the equation. I don't know the Alons.

They had incredible bass considering the high output Z (with no feedback) and very good dynamics.

A doubling of amplifier power means only a 3dB increase in SPL anyway.
I have the same itch ... but I want to try an experiment

I bought an inexpensive ARC VT-60 and put a few bucks into it replacing it's older tired tubes. HOLY COW my Levinson 23.5 has been parked since August. If this little guy sounded so good I couldn’t help but think the VT-100 III will drive my next speaker upgrade. Then again ... so many other amps: I looked at the Mac 275 MKIV, Quicksilver V4, I am curious about the VTL mono blocks, Rogue, Cary - the list continues to grow. I guess a lot will depend on the speaker I choose. I was amazed how good an old set of ADS sound with the VT-60 but try an drive something larger and the little guy can only go so far.

I experimented with the Levinson driving the bass/mid drivers of a set of Paradigm Signature S4's and the tubes driving the tweeters. It was a very different ... very interesting sound. I did this little experiment the night before I sold the S4's so I figured what the heck. It was like turbo charging the tube amp. It wasn’t all good but I think if Paradigm would have mated the mids and tweeters instead of the mids with the bass driver it would have been even better.

My plan is to go with B&W 802's; power the mid/tweeters with the VT-60 and the bass with the Levinson 23.5. At that point I will either dump that whole idea if it doesn’t work for me and get much larger tube mono's or just upgrade the VT-60 to something that matches well with the B&W's. I just like the idea of bi-amping and running a big SS amp to the bass drivers and let the finesse of the tubes work on a less power hungry set of upper frequency drivers. The though of re-tubing something with 4 or more 6550's per side and a bunch of driver tubes every few years is somewhat menacing but I am willing to do it if that’s what it takes.

Try VTL MB125 or MB100.
Very powerfull monos. 'Have them spare.
Drop me a note...
I've been listening to a Pair of Cary SLM-100s for the last three years. Tubed with Tungsol VT-231(round, black plate)for phase splitters, Sylvania 6SN7Ws as drivers and Winged C 6550s(latest iteration from Upscale): the imaging/soundstaging/response/pace/liquidity/musical realism is outstanding. I've replaced the RCAs and binding posts with WBT stuff, added Vibrapods and VPI Magic Bricks. Outside of those: no mods/tweeks performed. Find a used pair and they should fit your budget nicely(sans the NOS tubes). 100+ watts per channel into 8 ohms.
I've had the AR VT100 with alon lotus sigs (90db),my friend has the VT 120 mono's on his alon V mk 1 (87db)...both are superb, the VTL has a little more bass and air, the AR has more dynamics,and pacing with all types of music...Happy Holidays...Bill
I was looking at the McIntosh 275s, 75 wpc stereo and then I could get a second amp later and switch them to mono. How do these amps compare to the others?
Horseface, if you are referring to N802's, the crossover is at 350hz and the disparity in sound between a tube amp on top and solid state on the bottom is vividly evident, and not conducive to good sound. It would be a bad choice to bi-amp with anything other than identical amps. I know, because curious minds want to experiment, so I gave it a try and it was terrible.

One man's trash is another man's treasure ...
listen, listen and listen again. there are alot of products out there. power and voicing are salient issues.

it is hard to recommend any. i too am looking for a tube amp and i have no short list right now.

however, the cary, audio research, rogue, conrad johnson and vtl definitely do not interest me.

i am looking for a more traditional tube sound, like a cj 125. i have no idea who makes such an amp these days.