Opinion on Sonic Frontiers SFM-160 monoblocks

I have the opportunity to purchase a pair of mint SFM-160 monos for about $750. I have never heard them and am looking to make the transition from ss to tubes, but need to do so economically for now. I currently have a pair of Talon Raven C speakers (89 dB), Esoteric DV-50 player, Anthem AVM2 processor that serves as a preamp for 2 channel and also for HT, silver cables of various lower end flavors, and the balance of the system for HT : Aragon 8008 x5 amp, Bohlender Graebener hybrid ribbon speakers, HSU VFT2 sub, TG Audio power filter. I also have a Denon direct drive turntable with Denon arm and Grado cartridge (don't remember the specifics) that I am running thru a NAD 705 preamp section into the Aragon to spin vinyl. My next objective, after tube amp/preamp, is to upgrade the vinyl.
I listen to jazz, some pop/rock, and some blues. Room is 14 x 20 x 8 with EchoBuster treatments.

I am not sure whether to buy an older vintage power amp now, or wait a bit and pick up a newer piece when I have more $$$ to spend. Also, I have heard and liked the Cayin integrated amp, and have read some good things about Rogue.

What is everyone's opinion on the SFM-160 monos? I have to make a decision soon. Should I buy them (how good a value are they?) to try them out? Thanks.
Very nice peice in its day and I am sure still has more value $ wise than asking price. That is if condition is accurate.These were very well reviewed and respected peices.. I would be prepared though for enough money for a full set of new tubes ( to be safe ) ...Other than that It sounds like a hellova deal....
Great amps! Thorman is correct about retubing it, unless the seller is honest and has newer tubes in it. If it needs tubes plan on something in the $300+ price range for a good octet of power tubes. Sound like a very good deal even with a new set of tubes.
I say go for it. They're very nice amps. I had a pair for 10 years before I went the SET route. Never had a bit of problem at all with them. I agree on the retube. My favorite output tube with these amps was the Ei KT-90. The KT-90 seemed to do everything well and they last a long time.
I owned both SFM-75 monos and 160 monos for several years.I think they are nice(but unremarkable) amps.Be prepared to experiment!The tubes,cables, DAC and speakers are all important in the equation.At that price they are a no brainer.I sold mine for $1600 two years ago.