Good USED Speaker Cable Choices for $300-$500 ?

With SO MANY Cables out there where do you start?

I am looking to create a warm "Brit" sound that is
polite yet rises to the occasion with punch when
called upon. Maybe a little rounded on the details
in favor of musicality and general warmth. (to me
warmth is the same as saying slightly dark)

My suspects for good (USED) 5-6 foot speaker cables are:

Analysis Plus Oval 9
Purist Audio Aqueous

What seems to be the best bang for the buck Speaker
Cables out there USED in the $300-$500 price range
which might promote the kind of sound characteristics
I describe??

Another to consider might be the ( used ) Zu Cable "Ibis"..I used them awhile back and for me they had the Slightly warm tubey sound ..Nice cable ..........
Kimber Select Copper or Kimber Hero, Cardas Quadlink or Cardas Neutral Reference.
oops! sorry, I misread...thought interconnects....probably not going to see too many Kimber Select speaker cables in this price range but will find the Cardas in this range.
A little out of your price range are the excellence Supra Sword cables which are an great match for that tyupical British equipment. I have seen them here for less than $600.

Yes I have read Cardas is warm but I they get expensive
quick. What model of Cardas are you recommending and
would that model beat the likes of the 3 I listed?

I figure some of the Uber expensive brands that have lower
priced models may not complete with the high-bang-for-the-buck
brands like Analysis Plus.. I could be completely wrong
here.. I'm just thinking out loud..
I agree w/the Cardas recommendation & suggest the Cross. It sometimes gets overlooked because it isn't high priced but they do a very good job.
Az satori,Hollowgram2,kimber 8tc.Many more.
There is not a worse cable - either interconnect, speaker, or power cable than Cardas on my system. I tried all of them and found the best to be Anti-Cables in my system. It is very important to listen to each cable in your own system and evaluate the performance.
AZ Satori or Hologram is warm
Analysis Plus Oval 9 is a good choice. It has a fuller sound (at least in my
system), and it can be easily resold on the used market.

It's a no-lose experiment.

I replaced my Analysis Plus Oval 9 (and Purist Audio Venustas, and Cardas
Golden Reference) with Gregg Straley Reality Cable.
Another excellent choice from your description is Element Cable Signature Series Matador....
i recently switched from analysis plus oval 9 to there big silver oval. for my system it was the right choice, big time. however for what it sounds like your trying to do , the oval 9 would be a good choice. it really is a good product. bass heavy, pretty mellow but still gets the details right. good luck

You traded $2000 dollar cables from Purist and Cardas to
buy $275 cables? Do tell... This sounds remarkable that
a small-time shop would have the engineering budget to
topple $2000 cables for such a small price..
I did, Tom92602, and it was not a difficult decision.

You can try the Straley cables yourself with a home trial.
Save yourself some money, Anti-cables are as good as any out there in the $1500-$2000 range.
Van den Hul Magnum Hybrid
I'm another one that traded $2000 speaker cables for something much less costly. In my case it was the Grover Huffman cables which cost me about $300 and come with a trial period.

However, I do not believe these cables would fit your criteria of slightly rounded and warm (slightly dark), but they are musical.
I too traded $3000+ sc for Grovers and am much happier. I have found that cables are system dependent, my system doesn't like network boxes. Your probably not going to find Grover Huffman used but new should be close to your price range.