Good budget monitor match for Plinius 8200MkII

I'm looking for a good budget monitor to match with my Plinius integrated. The room is relatively small (18x14x9) and I listen to a wide range of music (jazz, rock, R&B). I understand that the Plinius may out class most monitors in the $500-$750 range but that's what the budget will allow right now with the intent to upgrade over time. I'm thinking Triangle Titus and B&W. Suggestions?
I'd suggest the Dynaudio Contour 1.1's - you can find them for just over your budget range, but not much. You'll love them for a long time - they sound great on a wide range of music, and will be driven very well by such a nice amp. I regularly see them used for $800-850 which is just a phenomenal bargain, IMO. I have owned a pair for two years now. -Kirk
New and/or demo Reynaud Twins can be purchased from the previous US representative of this line for as little as $640 (see recent ads @ this site).

I ran mine for a year with an Audion Silver Night 300B SET amp and they were not outclassed by this combo.
The Axiom M22's sold direct through the Axiom site or from the Audioshop ( an excellent choice. The speakers are $400 and stands will add about $70 - $100. I just got these and they are still breaking in. Very smooth.
A speaker often ignored in this price range, but worthy of high-end amplification, such as your Plinius, are the Magnepan MMG's. At $55o/pr. and a transparency to die for, at the price, these may be your nirvana on a budget. Click on "an offer we hope you can't resist" at

My ex has a pr. of these and she has had them for almost 2 yrs. and feels no need to upgrade. I concur with her. For under a $1000 they're hard to beat.

What I've heard of the Triangle's though, is impressive also.

Best of luck.
I second Steve's Maggie MMG recommendation - or, if you can find a use pair of MG-12's, that would be even better.
Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I'm leaning towards the Dyns and mg-12s.
Give the Meadowlark Vireo a listen. Very accurate and fast. They are not that placement sensitive and will surprise you. About $450 - 550 used.