Going to take the plunge on JM Lab Micro Utopia Be

I've been auditioning a ton of speakers of late and seem to have finally met my match, the Micros, which I really love. they seem the most appropriate for my central listening tastes, which are typically electroacoustic and electronic. Very few speakers I heard covered the range of these on this music and yes we should buy speakers first and foremost to fit our music.

What I'd like to know now is what kind of amplification should I consider. The music I listen to covers a lot of wide frequency ranges--sometimes quite abruptly. I need equipment that can take the sonic punishment. What, dear folks, matches up best with the Micros in your opinions? I've read about the YBA's but I can't get them locally (I don't live in the states). I'd probably have to buy them on my next trip to the US or find something else. Any other recommendations? I've heard them very well with a Musical Fidelity setup, quite nicely with the AVI integrated, and today witnessed them with Chord Pre/Power. The dealer said that an older combo with Mark Levinson 28 and 29 would also be a good one. Any thoughts? thanks in advance.
I auditioned the Micros for over an hour. They were the best darn monitor I had ever heard until I heard Harmonic Precisions's Caravlles. Read my review. It's all there. You'll also save a few grand and will be very glad you did. peace, warren
Try the VMPS 626R monitors. With all the upgrades including the expensive TRT caps, they are around $4k; but they'll be very hard to beat. There's a review of them by John Beavers in this month's Positive Feedback (online). I own the larger floorstanding RM30 and I'm extremely impressed with their capabilities. This means their ability to be more natural and convincing than any other speakers I've heard.
BTW, don't think for a minute that those Micros don't need a sub. Add that to the $7k plus price tag. The Jmlabs are overpriced, right up to their big baby.
To answer your question (you're not seeking speaker advice, right?) look at the following:

1. Spectral - Known for super bandwidth

2. BEL 1001 Mk V monos - Known for super sound

3. Plinius SA-102 - Great sound and reasonable used price

Any of these should make the BE's shine.

Congratulations on finding something YOU like...
I heard recently heard the larger Mezzo Utopia Be speakers driven by Jeff Rowland separates, and sounding very fine. The same knowledgable retailer recommends Audio Research VS 110 tube amp & AS Sp-16 tube pre-amp specifically for the Micros.

The Canadian distributor, Plurison, likes YBA with the Utopias and Electra Be line; I haven't had the chance to hear that pairing. I would have thought you could get YBA all over North America, Britain and Europe.

As to the suggestion from Warrenh that you will find the bass inadequate; a very personal decision, having a great deal to do with musical taste and room acoustics. Personally, I'm thinking of scaling back to a comparable two-way monitor because of room limitations and listening patterns.
I admit to being intrigued by Warrenh's advocacy for the Caravelle, but am not sure where to hear a pair short of ordering same.

A note of caution, FWIW. I had a lot of high treble glare coming off my new Electra 927 Be until I unhooked the DAC I was using, reverting to a one box CD player. So I expect the right amp-speaker partnership for your ear to be critical.
If you're interested in solid state, consider Simaudio W-5 and Rowland for the Micros.

I'm very interested in these speakers too but wanted to know if a 50W Class A amp drive them properly(Audio Aero Capitole Power Amp)?

When I heard the Bes at Sound by Singer in MYC, they asked me if I would like to hear them with a sub. That was a gratuitous offer. When they played them with the Rel: WOW! It, surely, is a taste thing, but over time I believe the Bes will not deliver the bottom end for most. I spoke to Andy Singer about the Caravelles and my impressions, and he was interested, but (me) not being a dealer, the incentive to follow up ebbed. The Be tweeter was great. Berrylium? Amazing high end properties? Maybe, just good promo. The high end of the Caravelles was superior to my ears. Light, airy and as detailed as I've ever heard. Check 'em out. You can email me for their website or more info. I don't want this to sound like a sales pitch. Just one VERY happy audiophool.. BTW, YBA sounds amazing with the Jmlab Utopis line.
Thanks for the tips, everyone. Caravelles i can't get locally, so that's out of the question. And like I said, I've heard presumably "better" speakers that didn't do as well with my musical preferences. I live in Korea. Some of the brands that are mentioned on this page are unavailable here and way too expensive to import without an audition. I should be able to find the SimAudio's though. I'm not worried about bass inadequacy on the Micros My room space is quite small with hard concrete walls and a linoleum floor. Bass carries far too much in this space. If I need a sub, I'll gladly buy one. What I really need is good matching suggestions. I've heard that McIntosh gear doesn't work well with the Micros, BTW. Any other comments there will be appreciated and thanks for the others.
You can order the Caravelles and listen to them for a month and return them for a full refund if you don't like them. You may only be out the shipping expense back. I am not an owner, but a local friend has them and they are the best deal in audio. I have Wilson MAXX and they do things my MAXX can't. They have a superb, deep, three dimensional sound stage and a smoothness that is above their price. Warren's description of the tweeter is exactly right. And the bass quality coming from the 8 inch woofer is amazing. This speaker should be selling for a least what the JM Lab Micro Utopia are. It they were distributed through retailers you can be sure they would be. They come with stands too. What do you have to lose except some of the shipping cost back?
Well I don't know about the Micro Be's but I have the JM Labs Mini Utopia. I had used them with an older McIntosh pre amp and amp. I would be surprised if the the newer Mac gear wouldn't sound just fine. I'm using Herron electronics and they sound very nice. I have also heard that Conrad Johnson gear mates very well with the JM Labs.
Hifimaniac, thanks for the reply, but I'm not interested in paying several hundred dollars each way shipping plus 20% customs on speakers I don't know if I'm going to like. You're talking about a potential investment of at least 40% of the actual speaker cost just to test them. I'm happy with my choice of the JM Labs. What I'm really asking here is what kinds of electronics are compatible with them. I have access to a fair bit here--Chord, Levinson, McIntosh, BAT, Plinius, Antique Sound Labs, Gryphon, Musical Fidelity (somewhat), and a lot more, many of it used. I thank the others though for providing some useful tips on some of this equipment.

Dweller, the Plinius is available here on sale, so I'm going to check it out. Thom_y, thanks for the recs on SimAudio and Rowland. I can find both here. Plato, the VMPS monitors aren't available here.

Do you folks ever listen to the work of Fennesz or the Erstwhile music label out of NYC or to the Tokyo onkyo scene, or noise? I need equipment that can handle that kind of stuff. I've tried all kinds of speakers--Dynaudio Confidence, Thiels, Harbeth, Martin Logan, Sonus Faber, you name it. The JM Labs beat them all on this music. I actually heard streams of sound slicing up through the room. The most generous imaging I heard from any speaker. Now maybe the Caravelles are better, but at this point, I'm not really interested in finding out. Too much hassle, too much time.

Panderso, you bought the 927 Bes? How do you like them? I auditioned them with the 907 Be's last week and found the latter better. The 927's lacked a synergy between the cones that I found in spades with the Diva Utopias. I was quite disappointed in them. Heard the 907's with an AVI integrated and the Meridiem G08 and they really sang. Beautiful speakers, too. But the Micros are even better.
Well, I like them very much, but I'm still not sure that they are better overall than a really good small monitor for my smallish room (11'x 16'; 8'ceiling; wood floor, drywall); given my musical taste and preference for moderate to low volume listening.

That is why I am very interested in your comments on the 907 which I intend to follow up. In this room, the 927 Be's sound very full range to me and the bass articulate and detailed, imaging is excellent compared to the Electra 906 I had before, and the reference 3a Dulcet I home auditioned, as well as my old Totem Sttafs. High treble detail excellent. Subject to glare if the electronics aren't compatible. I have a big new amp bought within 2 or 3 weeks of the 927s, so assessing different variables is a work in progress.
I've sent you and email Bash. Incase you're wondering I've compared Gryphon to Classe, McIntosh, Edge, Essence, Krell, Levinson, Bryston, Conrad Johnson, Bel Canto, Jeff Rowland, Spectral, Copland, Audio Research, and Innersound. To me they have the most refined sound out of them. Classe, McIntosh, and Rowland would be next in line for me. I haven't heard the JM Labs, but, I'm pretty sure the Gryphon would be a good match.
"I don't want this to sound like a sales pitch"
Warren, I think if one looked up sales pitch in the dictionary they would see a transcript of your above three posts. LOL ;-)

Sbfx, my local dealer is usually powering the Micro BE's with an Audiomat 30W EL34 integrated, and it seems to show no signs of distress in his 20x20 room. So I would imagine your Audio Aero 50W amps would be fine as well.

Bash, lots of great suggestions for solid state partners have already been made, but I was going to make one more until Matt beat me to it. I couldn't imagine Gryphon not being a wonderful partner for the Micro's and in particular there is a Gryphon Callisto 2200 integrated w/phono on this site right now for half off retail and it is located in the Netherlands. Pretty sweet deal if you have the scratch.
Thanks gentlemen. My dealer recommended the Gryphon as well. I'm going to seriously consider it. Matt_Zak, I'll be in touch via email. Thanks again.
I have a Hovland HP100 & Pass X150.5 with Diva Be and works well. I just got rowland 201 & will let you know how it goes. Diva can be lean sounding and tend to work better with warmer electronics. Pass, Plinus Gyphon, Mcintosh & tubes.
The 201 works well with diva, too
Just got an email from YBA. It turns out that they have distribution over here in Korea as of Sept. 1, so I might be in luck in getting the Passion Integre integrated. Can anyone tell me the price in the US for this amp? I'd like it for comparison purposes. Thanks.

I'm surprised to hear some people have had success in pairing the Micros with McIntosh. My dealer here cautioned against it. What about the 6900 or the 2275 with the Micros? Any comments? Another amp I was considering was the Krell 400 integrated. Any remarks on that combination? It's going to be difficult for me in this locale to set up direct pairings because the individual stores sell different things. We have a good supply of old power amps over here like the Levinson 23, 23.5, 29, and 333. And pre's like the ML-6A, 26 SL, 26 and 28. Any comments on these in terms of comparison?

I've already mentioned the diminutive AVI integrated. Has anyone heard that one? It's a tiny beast blowing out 200 watts of very clear definition into 8 ohm loads and 375 in 4 ohms. It's consistently revued very highly in What Hi-Fi and other locales. I heard it with the Elecra 907 Bes and was almost ready to make a purchase but decided to hold out for the Micros, which were just a tad bit more firm.
bashline, I really don't know why the McIntosh gear wouldn't work. In my previous post I was using old Mac gear with my Mini Utopia's and they Mini's sounded pretty good. The old Mac gear (1976) didn't have the base authority or absolute seperation in the instruments as my new amp/pre amp but it wasn't bad. I wonder why the dealer is steering you away from the new stuff.....it's quite good from what I hear. I have also heard good things about YBA gear. My only recommendation for JM Labs matching is to stay away form electronics that tend to sound bright. I think the JM Labs speakers can lean towards the bright side and matching with bright electronics would not be the best.
I am an owner of the old Micros. i have heard the new ones and agree with your taste. JM Lab products match up very well with YBA, Sim Audio, and they love tubes! i did put a REL Storm with my micros to fill in the bottom end.
Your speakers are going to love the Passion. I own one, and love it. The list, here, is about $5k with phono. Maybe a tad less. I know, Jmlabs had their big babies playing with the Passion at an audio show, and the sound (from what I read) was fabulous.
thanks once again for all the replies. I'm going to keep the Sim Audio in mind, try to audition the YBA. Goose, there might be a reason why the guy is steering me away from the Macs, but he was selling some. My first preference for amplification, without an adequate test, was the 6900. I like the convenience of having the phono stage built in and a headphone jack. I loved the sound with some Tannoy speakers. But if I can get the YBAs, I may well buy them unheard after all the reports I've read here. The Gryphons are also still in the equation though I won't be able to buy them for about eight months at least and cost is an issue there.

thanks again for all the very useful and helpful replies.
Oh and which tubes would you recommend should I go that direction? Thanks.
I had them paired with the Cray SLI80 integrated. it sounded great. i heard them with manley and that also sounded wonderful. I think they'll work with most tubes.
I have Mini Utopia's paired with BAT VK60 and VK30 preamp. I love the combo but am thinking about a sub. I believe Sound by Singer demoed the Micro's with BAT's newest tube amp VK55 recently. CES I think.