My Rega RP6, Exact combo may be going back due to hum.

Greetings again.

About a week ago I wrote on another thread the issue that I was having with my Rega RP6/Exact combo and the hum that it was making and how it got worse as the tonearm approached the spindle. My dealer is willing to take it back and exchange it for something different. He has been very gracious and even came to my house to diagnose the problem; returning the rig is not a problem. He has an Planar 3 with Elys 2 in the store with EXACTLY the same problem. He is also very disappointed at the product since just  recently started carrying the Rega line. I feel like I should purchase another table from him and the other choices are Music Hall, Project and the Marantz TT15 S1. I have heard the Marantz (made by Clearaudio) and it sounds great, although not in my system. He is also an Ortofon, Grado and Goldring dealer in case I want to try a different cartridge.  

Suggestions?? Thanks again. 
Pivetta was really hoping you could find an answer to your hum, As i said in your  last post I have the same problem with My RP3 with a Exact 2. I'm considering trying a Ortofon 2M Black  just to see if it's the cartridge not the table. The Ortofon gets great reviews but then the Rega did too.
We are still on the fence. Played quite a few records last nught and the table sounds great. However I am dissapointed by the hum and I am so ocd that knowing that it's there drives me crazy. 
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Rega is overly-overvalued deck that has very poor built quality that hasn’t improved since the day 1.

If you want to try out different cartridges, don’t count on neither Grado or Sumiko -- they will hum. Try Ortofon 2m to see if this cartridge is sufficiently shielded. It’s definitely NOT cartridge it’s motor’s EMI.

Why keep it if it hums? You should return it and get another brand! This one is in the same price range as the Rega with no hum problem!
Pioneer  PLX-1000, read the Stereophile reviews on it. they are spot on.
Built like a tank and VERY easy to set up !
As an experiment I unhooked the ground on my RP6 which is rewired with the Incognito kit. I have a hum without the ground and it goes away with ground wire attached.  

Why is a Rega an overly-overvalued deck with very poor build quality?

As to value in turntables, I’d say 99% of the population will say any turntable above $500 US is overly-overvalued. Add the fact that some turntables cost as much as good used cars, good new cars and some as much as a house is for 99.9% of the consumer population silly and overly-over valued. But among the vast array of turntable choices and manufactures though, why would you feel Rega is overly-overvalued as to any of its competitive peers?

Rega is one of if not the most top selling turntable manufactures over the last 40+ years. Rega kept on with turntable R&D and manufacturing even in the darkest times for vinyl LP sales (the 1990’s to the mid 2000’s). Are you saying that the hundreds of thousands of Rega turntable buyers over the years as turntable users are somehow stupid, wrong or off their meds?

Then look at their tonearms as stand alone sales, they probably sell more tonearms to other OEM’s than any other tonearm makers do, are these other OEM turntable manufactures stupid, wrong or off their meds too?

As to build quality and being poor, again if this was so, how did and does Rega Research survive 40+ years as a profitable company?

The manufacturing quality of Rega products is as good as any of their peers. They have followed and follow for say just their turntables for this discussion and tonearms here a standard ideology of R&D and manufacturing going back to day one. Many others have not been so consistent to their ideology. Those that have, have often not changed or updated R&D to make better products to their ideology as Rega Research has. Rega stays to its core ideals but has engineered new techiques and materials in R&D and manufacturing to take the turntables and tonearms even closer to their ideology.

They do not just slap a cheap motor and in their case being they make belt drives, a belt onto a slab of MDF, quickly attach some feet and whack down a slammed out tonearm and cartridge.

I’ve owned numerous turntables, cheaper Made In Japan types, Kab modded and lovely SL-1200MKII direct drive, TOTL classic Made In Japan direct drives, entry level newer belt drives and two Rega’s, a P3-24 and now a Planar 3. The motor design of a motor to drive a belt drive platter is essentially the same as a direct drive except the motor to drive a belt drive pulley spins faster (300rpm or 600rpm are typical) and the sub platter or outer platter depending on design is a gear reducer attached to a belt of some sort.

A direct drive motor has usually more torque as it has to get the platter directly up to speed and runs at a slower speed, 33.3 or 45rpm. In both cases speed control and accuracy is and must be engineered to be within acceptable variances. In my case my two Regas spun audibly as accurate as any of my classic direct drives and Kab modded SL-1200MKII. Whether any one or more of these turntables I’ve owned measures more accurate is in the end irrelevant as sonically I and others in my company could not and can’t hear any difference in speed accuracy and w&f.

Lets look at plinth. R&D of plinths are straight forward. Back in the day most Made In Japan turntables has molded plastic plinths. They were cheap to make over and over by the tens/hundreds of thousands and if designed right can control or deal with resonances acceptably well. Others used various pressed board designs and as such met acceptable variances. Some manufacturers engineered metals in design and boutique makers went high mass, high weight or lesser/low mass, low weight. Making plinths that work and look well enough to consumers tastes at acceptable price points is the same in either case. Do not think that a Rega plinth for any of their current turntables is of lesser quality because they weight mere lbs. and not much heavier in weight as to many of its peers may do. Adding weight to a plinth cost mere pennies over all. Proper engineering of plinths to a standard is a cost part of a turntable. Rega Research invests much into continued R&D, as much or more than many if their peers.

Attaching motors to plinth. Rega is all about RIGIDITY, STIFFNESS, LIGHTER GENERAL WEIGHT! They have moved from screwing down motors firmly to plinth and now using high stickiness tape as they feel this keeps a motor affixed stiffly and more evenly to the plinth over just screws or loose with rubber bands /grommets others may use. IF IT WORKS AND KEEPS COSTS UNDER CONTROL THEN THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!

Yes, Rega does not offer some features of user adjust-ability as many of their peers do. They believe these choices compromise rigidity and stiffness, as such then Rega does not employ such at the OEM part of manufacturing. A buyer can buy and mod Rega’s to carry on these user adjustable ideals with after market parts.

Rega tonearms are world renowned and are among the highest cost parts of their turntable costs. These tonearms have and are known for accuracy and rigidity. Thus why many other OEMS buy and use Rega tonearms.

Now as to hum that appears in some cases to some buyers experiences. IT’S AN ODDITY!!! Given how many Rega turntables have been sold over the years it’s not a common issue or Rega would have had to deal with it. For me my first Rega a P3-24 with the TTPSU, hummed when I had the Elys cartridge attached. PERPLEXED I WAS!!! It just would not go away, I could make it a bit less so if I move the TTPSU away from the P3-24. Of course it bothered me. I chose to buy a Denon DL-110 which is what I wanted anyways as I owned one before, but the P3-24 came as a part of my purchase with Elys, so I figured give it a try. Once I put the DL-110 on the hum went 100% away Hmmm ??????

Is this an issue at times with Rega? I hear that the TTPSU may be the biggest culprit as it’s not grounded and maybe causes some sort of ground loop with certain Rega turntables and cartridge set ups. A Youtuber has a video explaining how after he properly grounded his TTPSU his turntable’s hum went away. NO! This should not be an issue with Rega’s and maybe they need to look in how their TTPSU’s ground with their turntables.

My new Planar 3 and yes I have a Denon DL-110 on it, has ZIP, ZERO, NADA hum issues, it’s dead silent electronically and mechanically it makes NO SOUND/NOISES. If you could not see the platter spinning when on BTW SPINNING DEAD FLAT/LEVEL SQUARE AS SQUARE CAN BE! you’d not hear any motor, bearing or other noise from my Planar 3. I did not buy the optional TTPSU to keep my purchase costs down and I wanted to hear my new P3 first to see/hear if any speed, w&f issue were there. IT RUNS TRUE AND NO W&F ISSUES! If I feel the need to add TTPSU especially for easier speed changes to 45rpm and back to 33.3rpm I may one day though.

So yes we read/hear of some Rega owners having issues, but given Rega is one of the biggest sellers of turntables globally it’s gonna happen. But if one digs into it they will read and hear of issues with other turntable brands too and these include brands many LP record fans like/love as well.

Thanks Les creative edge. I agree with your post. Right now I am test driving a Marantz TT 15 which is pretty much a Clearaudio Table with a virtuoso wood and a tonearm. My dealer, which has been BEYOND gracious just got it a few days ago and the table has barely 3 hours on it. Both my wife and I agreed that the musicality of the Rp6/exact combo is way above. I will give it some more time but I Think that after a short listening period the Rega wil come out on top. Again, I agree that. Thousands of satisfied customer can not be wrong. I don't care about how heavy, sparkle, details, etc. it's all about musicality. We are both professional musicians and really care about this, not the whole Hi Fi jargon. Since you are using a Denon cartridge it seems pretty obvious that the issue is with the cartridge and not the table. My next issue or complain is, why would Rega build suxh a great table and sacrifice the shielding in their cartridges? I will update in. Few days and after 30 albums or so. Best wishes to you all. 
Hi gshephardbuster. I am considering doing the incognito upgrade. What kind of cartridge do you have on the rp6?
Hi pivetta, I have the Exact mounted.  Have used the Denon 103r and a few Ortofon carts too.  BTW my first TT was the Marantz TT 15.  It's a nice table but the RP6 is even better.  If you decide on the Incognito kit it may be easier to have the dealer do the install.  I did mine but those tiny wires are challenging if you don't solder often. It does sound better though. 
This can’t be about doing the (nice) dealer any favors and settling for second best. YOU have to live with what you buy for a long time. Seek a new dealer. The PLX1000 and the GEM Polytable/Jelco750 are solid options. PS Rega cartridges are bad news.

Only reason belt-drive was pimped as superior was Euro companies
 did not have the capacity to build the great DD spinners than Sony. Pioneer ,Sansui , Denon, etc did .
Did Japanese turn out a lot of cheap junk?, yes they did.
But their top players were the best ever made within the price any serious
music lover could afford .

Les Creatvie Edge,
Did you have to raise the Rega arm for the Denon Cartridge?

VPI and ortfon black

Yes, the Denon DL-110 required about 2mm or so of a raising to make tonearm parallel to the record. I attained 9 small flat washers and super glued them into 3 stacks, 3 high which give a 2mm or so height. I then drew up the 3 points of screws holding the RB-330 down and slipped these  stacks of washers under the base and then screwed the arm back down. It works great and keeps things rigid, hardly noticeable too  as the flat flat washers are silver and the brace on the P3 is silver too.
Sounds like fun but you still do not know if 1.9 or 2.1 mm would sound better, or if 2.4 would be far better .
Interesting solution, Les. I have a P3-24 with an Exact 2. I think if I were to experiment with non Rega cartridges, I would buy the shims that can be found online. I hope to buy a RP-8 sometime down the road.
Considering the number of turntables serviced by me, I'd say that Rega is indeed budget line and it's not even close to to quality of Pioneer PL560, Yamaha YP9 and certainly my HK Rabco linear deck. 
I'm fan of linear decks and even simple Pioneer PL-L800 (can get it $200 in mint shape) can humiliate Rega on bass, detail and noise floor.
Well, too many to mention that will best in price, performance and built quality. 
Some good comments here regarding Rega TT. I have had my Planar 3/RB300 since 1984 when it was partnered with original Rega MM cart, A&R A60 Amp and lovely Heybrook HB1 speakers. Great system for the price point. I still have the A&R but the Heybrooks disintegrated.
Now a couple of years ago the Rega 240v suspended motor capacitor packed up so I replace the motor and board with expensive High Performance Motor Upgrade Kit's 24v DC motor & 'tuned' board. This is stuck on to the thin Rega plinth veneer of this model with thin adhesive foam pad so is now directly coupled to the plinth. 
After a recent oil/bearing change - which really tamed the bearing noise - I noticed a hum from the motor, most noticeable when the lid is closed. Detaching the platter/sub-platter & belt and disconnecting the amp/tonearm cables showed the motor noise was still there. A stethoscope from my partner means I can clearly hear the low frequency tone through the plinth veneer.
This sound does drop off quickly the further from the motor you listen but I without a microphone I can't say if it reached the tonearm/cartridge.
Dear @czarivey : Normally an audio item manufacturer buil its items to a price point and Rega is no exception to that marketing fact.

I don't think is overvalued. Whom started to overvalued?, certainly you did not and maybe no one started because the true is that it's not overvalued and yes we can consider it as a budget line.

At the end are the customers whom has the last word, not you or me.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC NOT DISTORTIONS,

community advertisement is actually contributing factor of ..." At the end are the customers whom has the last word, not you or me.".
my contributing factor is not based on advertising.

Make sure its grounded. that has to be  the problem.