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Endgame Vocal+ DAC Help: Terminator Plus 12th vs. Chord DAVE vs. Holo May vs. Weiss502.
I thought the Goldensound review was done very well when discussing the Chord and Holo dacs. In the digital world it’s sometimes confusing since it changes very quickly and today's star may be an "also ran" in the near future. The Chord products a... 
Open Baffle Experience
Unless you listen to box vs. open baffle you can’t really comment.  I heard the Spatial Audio X4’s at the audio fest and thought they were wonderful and could easily live with them.  Oh yeah I have 20k box speakers.  
Help Building an Audio Room
Just as a side note there was an interesting article in the June 2021 Stereophile magazine in the industry update section from Kongens Lyngby of Denmark that quoted studies from Jens Holger Rindel a Danish acoustics software company that the room ... 
Looking at best option for 20-25k for DAC Streamer combo
Perhaps one of the Playback Designs units.  
Spatial X5 speakers
I heard the X4's at the Pacific Northwest show this summer and was really impressed by these speakers.  Even in a hotel room they sounded wonderful.  One of my favorites at the show.  
How did you get started in this hobby
It started with the Beatles "Meet the Beatles" on my cheap GE all in one portable player.  My parents bought an all in one Magnavox big stereo "box".  My first purchased system was Dahlquist DQ10 speakers, Mcintosh 2205 amp, C28 pre amp and an B&a... 
Old CDs and records
The owner of a vinyl store thinks that CD sales are on the rise due their pricing relative to LP's.  What goes around comes around.  
Holo MAY KTE DAC/ Kitsune Hi FI, Lynnwood Washington
Why don't you contact them and ask the question?  
Receiving my Townshend Audio Podiums Monday. How to?
As I suggested if you place the speakers in the proper position and tape around them and then place the podiums, you won’t need to use gliders for the podiums. Even when you have gliders on the podiums the position will change when trying to get t... 
Receiving my Townshend Audio Podiums Monday. How to?
@steakster is correct in stating that if the Podiums are on carpet they will not move as mine are.  Even if they could be moved on a solid surface I would be concerned since they are on springs and a heavy speaker would wobble without assistance b... 
Receiving my Townshend Audio Podiums Monday. How to?
In my experience you really won't be able to move the Podiums once they are placed with a speaker on top of them.  Get your speakers in the position you want them including toe in.  What I did was to tape around the speakers a few inches outside t... 
Is this a scam?
Probably a scam.    
Puritan PSM156
I'm a puritan fan with the PMS 156.  It's in the system and won't be removed.  
AC outlets
I have used the Maestro, and Synergistic Research red duplexes.  I switched to the Audioquest duplex because it has a tighter grip on on some heavier power cords and in my opinion is a better made duplex.  I also like the hubbell  hospital grade d... 
Mini Review: Herron VTSP 360 (ESP)
I have tested mine by switching it back a forth and have just kept it in the default position.  Perhaps a slight difference but not really noticeable.