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DAC>Streamer>MQA>Wireless besides Bluesound
I'm looking for a little higher level dac solution than the Bluesound.  If I can't find something that fits my criteria, I guess I will give the Bluesound a shot or wait.   
Just retired and want to get back to vinyl listening
Do as much listening as you can before moving.  I live in the Nortwest and it's almost an audio dealer wasteland.  Portland is better than Seattle for dealers.  Some smaller dealers in Seattle and little variety. 
LONG Speaker Cables- What Have You Tried That Doesn't Break the Bank?
I am using the Duelund 12ga and they are very good. 
Upgrade path from Wilson WattPuppy 7s? - seeking advice
Perhaps one the Magico's  would fill the bill?  I think their bass response is very quick and realistic and to my ears the upper frequencies are more pleasant than some of the Wilsons. 
Not Enough Options for Auditioning Speakers
What about Suncoast audio in Sarasota?  Don't know anything about them but it looks like they have lot's of options. 
Need Small Bookshelf Speakers With a Big Sound
What about the Watkins generation 4.  A teaser in the Absolute Sound as golden ear winner?   
Why is modern pop music today so terrible?
It's very simple.  All you need is good:Songwriting, musical talent, engineering, mixing and mastering.  Too bad most of that doesn't exist today. 
Inherited 21 piece of vintage McIntosh and need help building a system
I have had Mac gear in the past.  I would be inclinded to keep the best tube pieces and make sure you re-furb or test everything to factory specs.  It's ok to start with the speakers first and find something you really like and then plug in the ma... 
Building a stereo room and ran into some problems, help!
Just for reference USG sheetrock brand acoustical sealant is really good.  Also if you go down the sealed solid core door route, Zero International has a bunch of threshold hardware. 
What order?
Hmmm,  I would work on the room acoustics first.  That doesn't necessarily mean buying all the acoustic treatments (panels).  Lets face it most of the sites what to sell you panels.  I would get some corner bass traps and treat the first reflectio... 
Building a stereo room and ran into some problems, help!
la10slgr, If your room is an actual room inside a room you wouldn’t need any channels on the walls. If you can leave an air gap between the existing wall and the newly framed inner room, that would be ideal. The actual build up from the outside wa... 
Tekton Double Impacts
I tried the giant gliders on my floor standers but I liked the sound better when spiking through the carpet to the floor.  The bass was tighter with spikes...go figure. 
Building a stereo room and ran into some problems, help!
la10slgr, the channel material attaches to the ceiling joists and the sheet rock attaches to the channel.  This in essence "floats" the ceiling.  If you search the DIY studio sites it's discussed.  It's also important to stagger your second layer ... 
Building a stereo room and ran into some problems, help!
I helped my brother build his recording studio and some of the things we incorporated are as follows:It was a room inside a room.  The outside wall was insulated with Corning 703 insulation.  There was an air gap between the outside studs and insi... 
Lifters ForGetting Cables Off The Floor, Worth It Or Snake Oil I made 13 wood lifters for about $15.  Used a chop saw, sander and a little stain.