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Should Equalizers make a comeback?
Maybe it's the quality of tone controls or EQ.  Every studio uses EQ during the recording, mix and mastering. 
Spikes or rubber feet.
Like others have said, just swap them out and determine which one sounds better. 
Lots of bass at walls, lack of bass in center of room/listening position
What about running a DSP module just on the subs?  A friend did this with great success. 
Vienna Acoustics 'The Music'
Just a note, I have put my Liszt speakers on the Townshend seismic podiums.  They work better than no spikes or spikes.  My system is on a suspended floor on the second story of my home.  
Speaker wire isolators - Do they improve SQ?
I have made several different versions out of standard wood dimensions for very cheap money.  What kind of cable do you have?  Is it ribbon or standard round cable?  If you have access to a chop saw or table saw this is really easy.  PM me if you ... 
Speaker shootout update; aggressive treble eliminating some (fairly?)
What about the Watkins gen 4 speakers?  Probably hard to find since they are direct sales.  I have heard the Dynaudio's need current to drive them.  Used pair of Harbeth 30's?  
Speaker Isolation -- Experience with Townshend Seismic Isolation Podiums
I have been using the seismic podiums for about a month now.  They are the real deal.  Everything in the sound improved, bigger sound stage and depth, better definition of instrument placement and bass quality improved.  I was going to spike them ... 
Footers under my speakers double the perceived value of my speakers!
I am using Townshend seismic podiums.  I have used the following: 1) nothing 2) spikes through carpet to sub floor 3) spikes on top of 1 1/2 inch flagstone 3) herbies gliders.  By far the best has been the Townshend podiums.  If you have smaller s... 
What's the best isolation system?
Another vote for the Townshend  seismic podiums.  Audio room is on the second floor on carpeted suspended wood floor.  Tried no spikes, spikes, flagstone and spikes, herbie's  gliders.  They tightened up the bass, reduced a node I was getting, ope... 
Lumin T2 burn in time?
xcool, please keep us posted as you get more hours on the unit. 
Doe you enjoy your listening to music and your system more with others or alone?
I enjoy sharing with others, especially with young people that have never heard a good system.  Alas, most adults get bored pretty quickly except my wife who will request another selection.  I usually listen by myself a couple of hours in the even... 
All-in-one integrated, 10-15K range, class A/B only
Has anyone heard the T+A PA 2500R integrated?  Seems like it could be in the mix. 
Best small, desktop speakers, $500 or under (new or used)
I like the Vanatoo speakers.  They always get good reviews and I have a pair for my desktop use.  
Townshend Audio Podiums - current owners opinion on the merits of this product
I installed the Townshend podiums in my system yesterday.  My brother who is musician / recording engineer thought the bass had tightened up and you could hear the plucking of the bass more distinctly, any haze was cleared up, the instrument place... 
Comparing Powerline Ethernet to WiFi for streaming audio
Has anyone compared a mesh range extender vs. a hard wired ethernet connection?