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CD Player Won't Read One CD Only
I would recommend cleaning the disc and trying it again.   
Removing spikes... Now my speakers sing
I tried spikes to herbies gliders over a carpeted suspended wood floors.  I liked the sound spiked directly to the floor. 
Spike feet protectors
I tried spiking my speakers to Herbie's gliders (carpet over plywood second floor).  I liked the SQ of spiking directly to the floor rather than the gliders.  You have to try it to find out.    
"Super Rectifier"
Another choice would be the Sophia Agua 274B.  Some have found this to be the "best" tube in the Modwright power supply.  I may try this one myself.   
SACD/CD player update
jafant,I owned the Sony 999ES and the 5400ES.  The 5400ES was better than the 999ES.   
SACD/CD player update
I do enjoy Dan's modifications on the various players.  I am on my third one, the Marantz 8005.  If you are concerned about the resale, find a used one or better yet a show demo.  If you go that route you can save a bunch and not suffer as much on... 
Timbernation Platform Problems
I received a custom rack from Timbernation and also had a prior purchase of a turntable platform.  The good: 1) Very competitive pricing when compared to others, some were 2x or 3x the price.  2)  Easy to assemble and provides a solid surface.  Th... 
Are Avalon still in Bussines
I used to own Avalon speakers and had the same experience with their customer service or lack of.  It take phone calls and e-mail to finally get through.  Not very good. 
Best DIY power cable. Why not make?
biketech60,Good tips on plugs and construction process. 
Best DIY power cable. Why not make?
My new component will that will need a PC is the Lumin T1 Streamer/Dac power supply. 
Does It have to be loud?
Well mixing usually happens in the 85 dB - dB 87 average range.  If you listen to higher average levels the risk of hearing damage increases. 
Newbie needs Streamer Advise
I am in a similar situation where I would need to drop an Ethernet line from the second floor to the first where my router is.  I am going to try  "power over Ethernet" because I don't want to limit my choice of a streamer to only a Wi-Fi model.  ... 
Coming out of the blackhole called work...retirement
This can be a bit daunting if you have been out of the audio world for a while.  I would start with your room first and make sure it is well designed.  You can avoid a lot of problems by spending some time and money there.  As others have said you... 
Buyer wants copy of passport?
I would take a picture of today's newspaper with the equipment as proof of ownership (if needed). 
Why does all new pop music sound the same?
It's easy, you need:good songs, artistic talent, engineering, mixing and masteringMaybe not so easy