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Townsend springy platforms for my Sasha 2s, springs not ISOA GIAS, HRTs for electronics???
Using the seismic platforms under my speakers.  To me it's an essential component. 
Replacement for 802 D3s
Glad to hear the B&W's will work out.  I did audition about 14 different speakers including a good percentage of the ones recommended.  If you do decide to make a change the Joseph Audio and Rockports would be a fine place to start and probabl... 
Mini Review: Herron VTSP 360 (ESP)
I also have the 360 ESP and would confirm dodgealum's findings.  I have about 150 hrs. on the preamp and it's an improvement over the 3A-03.  I was thinking about going the integrated route, but I couldn't find one with all the features I wanted t... 
Tube Rolling Woes
I only buy my NOS tubes from Vintage Tube Services (Andy Bowman).  Always have got a great tube from him and his prices are more reasonable than others. 
Is it possible to bring your kids into this hobby?
It's tough to bring kids into quality sounding music if they don't have an appreciation for music.  If they have the opportunity to play an instrument that helps in the appreciation.  My brother and I started on the violin, then guitars.  He has a... 
Vanatoo speakers - should I get them for hifi sound?
I use the small Bose soundlink for travel and have the Zeros in my office for computer monitors.  They are very good for a smaller room and better than the Bose in all aspects. 
What Sonically is the Difference between a $1,500 CD Player and a $10K-$25K One?
I't's kind of like Dac's.  Our club did a shootout of Dacs from several hundreds of dollars to thousands.  If the engineering and implementation is solid, the differences may not be as significant as the dollars would indicate.  My experience is t... 
NOS Tubes - Ecstasy or Agony
I only buy my NOS tubes from Andy Bowman at Vintage Tube Services.  He is the only one I trust and his has kept his prices in line down.  Others have raised their prices. 
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
mofojo,Look on ebay under nobsound for various spring options. 
Wireless Ethernet Router Advice
I have heard that a mesh router is better than just an extender.  I'm in the same boat as you are. 
Experience with HFTs
I bought a package deal of HFT's at the last RMAF in 2019.  They did a demo where they had the HFT's installed and then removed a couple of them and the sound stage collapsed.  They have made a positive impact on my system, with more depth, sounds... 
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
They are one of my must have components.  They have made the most improved impact on system than any other tweak, accessory or cable.  
Wood racks and humidity
I live in the Pacific Northwest and our humidity runs from 60 to 80% outside.  I have a timbernation rack where the wood legs are screwed to the shelves.  No problems whatsoever. 
Choosing new speakers after 20 years
I listen to very similar music as you do and did the speaker search a few years ago.  I settled on the Vienna Acoustic Liszt speakers which are out of your budget range.  When I was at the last RMAF, I was quite taken by the Fyne speakers.  They a... 
A system for my college-bound daughter
The Vanatoo powered speakers would work great.  They have some B stock for $499.  I have the smaller desktop ones for my computer and they sound very good.