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The new Synergistic Research BLUE fuses ....
I had a good result by installing the HiFi tuning supreme copper in my Modwright power supply.  Still settling in but more air in the high end a little more holographic presentation.  Thanks to dlcockrum for the recommendation.On to the blue fuse ... 
How expensive are best NOS tubes ? And how difficult to find ?
Second for Andy at Vintage Tube Service.  He is the only guy I trust. 
Speakers: Isolation?
The Isoacoustics Gaia footers have been getting good reviews for isolation.  They can be used on hard an carpeted surfaces.  Anyone tried them? 
Clear Day Cables Surgery Update
Bless you Paul and I will pray for a speedy recovery!Randy 
Need Recommendations on a CD Player
Perhaps a Marantz 8005? 
MQA - What is your favorite content?
I was excited to attend a DCS demonstration with an MQA representative present to listen to MQA content.  I was hoping to hear a comparison between a 24/192 file and the same file in MQA.  Question 1, "Can we hear a comparison?"  Nope...he said so... 
Has anyone made the jump to $uper High end and were disappointed?
I have listened to multiple $500K systems.  My usual reaction is ho hum.  They sound good but my "ah ha" moment is how little you need to spend to get excellent sound!  Careful matching can create great results in the $10k - $50k range. 
Stillpoints Ultra 5
A shout out to Mike at Ingress Engineering.  I purchased his "rollerblocks" for my pre amp, and mono block Herron amps.  Similar to Symposium but a little smaller.  A good value cost wise and they made an improvement between a cable and equipment ... 
Stillpoints Ultra 5
Another option would be the Isolation Acoustics GAIA footers.   
Vienna Acoustics Liszt - Fad or Future?
Jon,The Liszt's are a whole different ball game than the other models.  I didn't like the other speakers in their line. 
Vienna Acoustics Liszt - Fad or Future?
blindjim,The Liszt has a coincident driver (midrange / tweeter) in the upper cube that moves in lateral fashion.  Forward and aft changes in the whole speaker are made via the spikes.  As a side note, a "friend of a friend" had the KEF blade II's ... 
Bybee Active Room Neutralizers
Iwin,Good note on the Cable Company.   
CD Storage
I have used the "wood shed" for two of my racks.  Good quality but not the cheapest. 
Best wishes for Tom Petty
He was a music icon of a past generation.  So talented, creative and inspirational. 
Synergistic Red Fuse ...
Wig,Thanks for the note, on to the power supply!