The SHOW 2021 Long Beach, CA - Anyone going?

So the other day when I was browsing Facebook, I came across a post stating the The S.H,O.W. (Long Beach, CA) is back on for this year. I thought for sure it was not going to happen but looks like things just changed recently.

As soon as I saw that post, I got all excited and thought to myself, Oh Heck Yea, I am going to go. But a few days later I really started thinking about it, do I really want to go and take the risk? I mean, sure I want to go to this event but is it too early?

This is the only event that I can normally go to in the whole year since I am in Socal. Perhaps one day I might try to go to some other bigger event in the future but normally, this one would be it for me.

Last time I went was in 2019 which was also the first time I had ever gone to a Hi-Fi Show. I really enjoyed it.

But right now I am just debating whether it is worth it or not. I mean how well will they control the crowds and how many people would be allowed in a room at at time, seems like it would be difficult to manage.

Anyway, any other brave souls perhaps thinking about going?

I'm planning to go with a couple of friends. We've all been vaccinated. As FDR said ... "The only thing to fear is fear itself."

@oregonpapa Sweet!.

Yea, I still need to get vaccinated.

Hopefully I will make it.
I looked at the website, but could not find a list of exhibitors.

Does anyone have a link?
I was going to go but looked at the list of exhibitors and it is a rather weak line-up so I am not going to go.  
The Show location is convenient- 1.5 miles 

Hopped on the bike after work to assess the vibe. Pass.

I'll catch next year's mask less edition?
So I went on Saturday.

It was pretty mellow compared to the past time I went in 2019.

Not as many vendors of course.

But overall, I'm glad I went and got to hear and see some gear, which is always a positive.
I was there for 3 days and it was disappointing. The mask thing was not a big deal. 
The lack of manufactures and vendors was. they where selling tea-shirts left over from 3 shows ago.
I attended on Saturday and really enjoyed being there.  Yes, the number of vendors was down this year, but where else was I going to have an opportunity to see all of the vendors that were there eager to show off their gods (at least for another 4-5 months)?  

As much as I enjoy listening to my own systems at home, I’ve gotten more than my fill of that over the last 15 months.  It felt great to get out and be among other people enthusiastic about the hobby.