getting file onto usb flash drive

stupid newbie question, I'm sure, but . . .

I bought a few items from HDtracks because I was curious about trying high-quality digital downloads. My Marantz SACD player (8004) has a slot for a USB key. I converted the files to apple lossless encoding (one of the formats supported by the Marantz, according to its manual) and copied the files to a USB key by just dragging and dropping them. The player won't recognize the files, giving a message about incorrectly formatted media.

Then I tried using iTunes to copy the files. No more bad formatting messages, but the files still won't play. Any help will be appreciated.

It's not clear whether the unacceptable format is the music file's or the USB key's.

Can you reformat the USB key in the Marantz?
I took a look at the manual.

Unfortunately it does not say that Apple Lossless is supported. AAC format is listed (along with some others), which as I understand it uses the same MP4 file "container" and the same .m4a file extension, but is a different (and lossy) format. See page 17 of the manual.

Also, unfortunately, it indicates on the same page that copyright-protected files, including those purchased on the Internet, cannot be played from a usb memory.

Finally, it indicates on page 25 that the memory should be formatted in FAT32 or FAT16, and should be at least 256MB in size, although I suspect that it is just the previous two issues that are the problem.

-- Al
Thanks Al. I'll reread the manual for the supported types. As far as I can tell, the files I bought are not copy-protected. The USB key is several gigabytes, and I normally use it on my Windows machine so I assume it is FAT32.

The USB key is several gigabytes, and I normally use it on my Windows machine so I assume it is FAT32.
Use the disk management function in administrative tools to verify the formatting. It could be NTFS for fat32 has a 4gb limit in file size.
I doubt that it's formatted as NTFS. NTFS is not really designed for removable drives and Windows warns you about that if you try to force an NTFS format on a removable device.

The most likely issue is the file format. The players I've used won't even list files in an unknown format. Also, you're right, HDTracks does not sell copyright-protected files although you might still run into some purchased from iTunes.
If you have a pc (not mac) try to sync the files using media player. This is a very clean way to get files on usb-you can set the quality level.

I have a ton of problems with mp4/m4p files not reading. I use real player and a few others to convert the m4p files to something readable. MP3 is not the greatest but try it and see if it plays at all. If it does, then start trying better formats.
I second the PC option, go back to HD Tracks and download the Media Monkey software(free) to convert the files using the sync option, then you can drag the the HD track files to your flash drive!
I see in the manual that the only lossless format it supports via usb media drive is Linear PCM 16 bit WAV files. Don't see anything about Apple lossless support via this interface.
Windows media lossless comes in at about 1/2 the original size on my pc and outputs through the USB. I have used it on 3 pc's with Vista, 7 and XP pro.