Frustrated McIntosh Owner

I’ve been a satisfied McIntosh separates owner for quite awhile. Two months ago, I got the bug to upgrade, so I decided to trade-in my MC462 stereo amp for MC611 monoblock amps. I reached out to my local authorized dealer that I’ve done business with for years, we worked out a deal and placed my order. He told me he expected he would have the monoblocks from McIntosh in about a month.  I called my dealer yesterday asking for an update and he’s now telling me that McIntosh won’t tell him when my order is shipping, let alone if they have been manufactured yet.  He even went so far as to inquire with his McIntosh regional rep.  I trust my dealer and know that Covid has stressed a lot of manufacturers, but the lack of communication from McIntosh to their dealers has got me concerned. Basically what I’m getting is, they will ship when they ship- it could be in 8 days or 8 more weeks, possibly longer.  Have any of you experienced any issues like this with McIntosh lately?  Is this a sign of any bigger issues with them?
I would give anything to be able to do that but mom and dad are dead so no chance.  
Case numbers are supposed to go up. Its the nature of viruses.

Why are they testing? To scare the public with large numbers. Why test?  Because, most people show no symptoms.

               "A virus so deadly, you must be tested to know you have it?"

Think about it. They never tested in the past just to see who had a virus. Only those who got real symptoms were counted.

I am not getting my news from Fox news. Hardly watch it.. Where I work I had direct contact with the dept of Health people, and others involved in the medical field. One furious nurse told me that in the hospital she worked, deaths from heart attacks and cancer were being reported as Covid 19. Why? The hospital will receive 30,000 dollars for every C-19 death they report.... She was livid!  That is why see such high numbers! 

When I brought that up to some folks working with the health department? Told them what the nurse told me? 
I was stunned by their response. .... "Yes, we know."

Fake news is the new warfare!

You may want to calm down.
It’s funny, The left arguing with the right, the right arguing with the left.
The only issue is the top 1/10 of one (1) % and the rest of us... That includes EVERYONE that logs on the AG. There are no exceptions

I have a funny feeling Bill Gates isn’t seeking our advise, or could care less if you’re on the left or the right.. BUT I’m sure he backs Mcintosh all the way. Just because it’s spelled different than Macintosh Computers.
Old joke, but once, quite true..

I bet he could buy Mcintosh, 100 times over, with the spare change in his pocket.

Left or Right... LOL It’s TOP or bottom...

Say where’s that Mac gear you ordered....

I’m in the que for a repair that’s taking a while...C2500, bias circuit.. local authorised repair shop, waiting on parts.. They say they can't guarantee the repair without using MAC parts.. LOL They have a part that will work (Quite well) BUT won't back their own work..
I told them the original circuit failed, is the new one different. answer NO..
Hmmm, why not use a different part, then.. Won't guarantee his own work..Struck me funny...
I want my stuff back.. :-)



You are scaring me with the report on your C2500. I have had one for 3 years and love it.  I hope mine doesn’t suffer the same fate as yours.