Feature request -- editable titles for new threads

Reading over the recent thread titles reminds me that a feature which would really help is the ability to edit Thread titles after they’re posted.

Recent titles include:

Appropriate Apple table for Roon
rather than "tablet"

Speaker for the car and can bake in the sun?
rather than... "Speakers for the car which can withstand the sun"

I need Hign compliance cartridges
rather than "high"

Audioharma speaker cables/setup
rather than "audiodharma"

I’m sure people on this forum know how to spell but are often in too much of a rush to check what they’ve typed before submitting. (A problem that technology cannot help with.)

It would be great if we could have titles remain editable for at least 30 minutes after the thread is posted.



I agree with you in part, but oftentimes when you get to the text of the thread it's just as incompressible because English is a second language for the author. 

It would be nice though to be able to fix accidental mistakes though.

Thanks for your comment. Whether someone has English as a first language or not, being able to correct it could help them -- assuming, of course, they knew how to correct themselves, so I'm not sure which part of my suggestion you disagree with.


English is not my first language and worst, where i live i never spoke English in all my life... I learn reading philosophical books or science books and reading subtitles of movies :) ... My vocabulary is very limited because what i read did not contain concrete usual words much and often i make mistakes because style and syntax are not easy to master if we dont read English poetry .... Then an option for editing and correcting title threads is more than a good idea but a necessary option especially for some of us...

Thanks to the OP for this good suggestion ...


I don’t disagree with any part of what you said, and I’m sorry if I worded my response that way. Thread titles should be correctable. What I was trying to say was that sometimes I see an error in the title only to realize that it was made because the writer speaks English as a second language, and other times it’s just that the writer made a mistake.

Speaker for the car and can bake in the sun?
rather than... "Speakers for the car which can withstand the sun"

Think you’ll need to take that up directly with the bot that posted it…


There are a lot of posters here for whom English is a second language.


Mahgister has been back for several days now under his own name.


And there is an increasingly large number of posters here that are not people at all, but rather bots 🤖, of which our “bake in the sun” contributor is definitely one!

🙂 I never came here under any other name...

I value human relation not trolling...

And because i spoke in my own recognizable way disguise is impossible for me... Or too difficult...

And my ego is too strong to be put completely aside under another name ...

My best to all...


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