Why does Amps/Preamps forum have most threads?

Just wondering, this forum has the more threads than any other. I thought Speaker forum would top them all. Does this mean people covet Amps more than any other audio component? Just curious.
Does this mean people covet Amps more than any other audio component?

No, it simply means that people talk about amps/preamps more than any other topic. Hey, one forum has to have the most action, why not amps/preamps? Personally, I find the preamp is the heart of the system, and the most difficult part of the system to get right.
Becoz they're most popular music components
Because a preamp is the most important component.
And also because they are swapped in and out of systems more frequently. Most folks will keep their speakers for 5 years or more. It is much easier to buy and install amps/preamps than it is speakers...

I found the preamp to have most influence on the musical presentation.
While the preamp is important, I find the amp-speaker duo the most important link which has to be right. If this is wrong nothing upstream can save it. Jallen
There is a good reason why Amps/Preamps is listed first.
In addition to the fine answers mentioned above, it is the
most popular category. Besides once you post under
amps/preamps you are not allowed to leave, they won't let you.
Hard to argue that the preamp is the most important component, when its functions are increasingly being assumed by front end components with volume controls, to say nothing of poweramps with volume controls.
I have to say i can remember more about my old preamps than most other bits of kit.
I currently own three great preamps. All stuck in one system.
The Bryston BP-26 is the heart.
THe VAC Standard i use as a glirified tube buffer for all my digital,
And the Audio reseach Sp-15 as a spare phono preamp, with its nice three tube phono section.
All three have separate power suppies. I must like the sound with separate power supplies as all three are keepers.
Your a keeper too E.Must be because you have a special PS also......
Jallen, everything is important, good pre can make a fair amp sound good, bad one can make the best amp sound lousy.
Elizabeth, I have a BP-6 , buddies full-mod bottlehead seduction was better IMHO.
Very logical as to why amp's and preamp's have the most forum thread's on 'Gon. The amp and preamp or integrated are the center core and the heart of any audio system where all source component's patch into and the preamp and amp provide the current transfer function of all incoming signal's to the speaker's.
Honestly, if I had limited funds and I was making an amp and preamp purchase I would put most of the money into the preamp and fudge a little on the amp. I think a good sounding preamp is much more likely to carry a mediocre sounding amp, then the other way around.
It always surprises me that most people seem to agree with the notion that speakers make the biggest difference in the sound that is heard, yet at the same time many of those same people consider various upstream components to be more "important."

As to the original question, while good points are made in several of the preceding answers, I particularly agree with the response by RLWainwright.

-- Al
After a few decades of audio some come to the conclusion
that the speakers just let you know what your upstream components sound like(overstated a bit) .
The most things to talk about?
Thanks for your fine answers. I used to drool over speakers, but as I get older I am growing much fonder of amplifiers. A beautifully built and sounding amp, especially tubed ones, do it for me like no other. May be it's the glow, the warmth, the smell. It gets all fuzzy inside, like your first crush :). Just look at some of these amps. They say porn sites are the most visited sites in the world. This is pure audio porn!

Tweaking an amp is much easier than towing speakers, installing room treatments, filling stands with kitty litter or installing feet on heavy speakers.

It depends on the forum. Evidently more people here are interested in amps and preamps. On Audiokarma people seem to be more interested in speakers.....
Well no wonder my system sounds as it does. I'm missing the most important component all together. (Run CD with analog volume directly into whatever set of amps I'm in the mood for. Have never preferred the sound when a preamp was added)
Tubes are cool. I've always been fascinated by them.
Yea, tubes are cool, the best looking audio part IMHO.
"Why does Amps/Preamps forum have most threads?"

Perhaps because there are 2 components (Amps/Preamps) in one forum!

Then you can further break down those individual components into SS and Tubes, versus their Integrated counterparts, so there is a lot to talk about.

Also, the first threads in a forum usually get the most hits.