Audiogon "Best Recommendation" threads, a list

Here are some of the most popular and useful threads for expanding your collection. Come back to these often when you are thinking about new music to buy.

Audiogon "Recordings TO DIE FOR" list

Audiogon SACD's TO DIE FOR list

Jazz Recommendations

Music for Tough Times

Best Female vocals on CD

Amazing solo piano recordings

Best Male singers of the 20th century

Your ONE all time favorite song

What's on your turntable tonight?

Please add links to any other threads that have a nice list of musical recommendations.
Please post links ONLY in this thread. Post your musical recommendations in one of the appropriate threads above.
This is a great resource, but it needs to be more visible, so that people can get to this list easily.
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Audiogon: Most achingly-beautiful music
Wellfed: Thanks!! You would think as long as I've been around this place I would have figured that out by now. Probably some instructions somewhere that I failed to read.

I do still think that threads of this nature, that create a real resource, should be in a special section. Perhaps initiated by Audiogon only and to have a series of links to the most relevant threads of a particular topic. Otherwise, threads like this get lost after a month or two. A new person coming in may not find such a resource--just a thought.
Rives: You are welcome, I just learned to use this feature myself.

Here is another music recommendation link

Audiogon: Best tracks to "show off" your system
Yes this master list should be more visible indeed. After all, its about the music
Classical music - starting points

Phenomenal Classical Recordings - another starting point

Classical fans, I need advice

Suggestions, please... (Classical)

Beethoven's Late String Quartets

Recommendation - Complete Beethoven Sonatas

What Chopin solo piano cds are the best?

Sibelius Symphonies

Violin Concertos

killer violin tracks

Medieval-style music

Instruments of the Orchestra

Naxos CDs with Great Sound

Starting a classical library is BMG an answer?

Your favorite blues album?

Jazz Recs for Classical Music Fan

Best acoustical guitar - any type music

Looking for an acoustic guitar recording..

Favorite solo piano players

Music to test with

Good percussion recordings

Organ CDs with really deep bass

Spectacular Drum Set?

Best live album you've ever heard?

Your Holiday/Christmas Favorite Recordings

Comments of recommendations on Xmas music
Great thread...thanks all.
Wow- Thank you Rushton. Excellent list!
Some more threads specifically focused on classical music on vinyl are:

Best sounding LP nobody else has ever heard of...

Chamber Music - your best pick

Mercury Living Presence

System Reference Recordings

Guilty Pleasure via Reader’s Digest

What are the treasures in your vinyl library?

Name a couple of HOLY GRAIL LPs

Best Sounding LPs

Speaker's Corner.....Best of the Best ?

And the LP recommendations on Arthur Salvatore's web site are a very worthwhile starting point. Arthur includes detailed discussions of each of the LPs he has recommended.
That is great Rushton. I'm tempted to put that compilation of that list together on our website--what a fabulous resource.
Rives, thank you. The Audiogon community has been a wonderful community for sharing great information. I've appreciated your many contributions here.

Best regards,
Classical Record Labels and Recording Engineers... -- this is a new thread that starts with a focus on vinyl recommendations. It may stay focused on vinyl or shift more broadly as people add to it.
I got my new headphones, people say they are great with female vocals. I need to check that thread.