Favorite version of Grateful Dead's Aiko Aiko?

I'm looking for a great version of this song. I heard a few great ones a long time ago but don't recall when they were recorded. Anyone here have a favorite?

Not sure here, but I'd asssume that you're referring to the old New Orleans classic "Jock-A-Mo". It's been covered by most of that N'awlins Blues crew - notably Dr. John. James Booker does a great version, too. Since I can't summon the Dead's take in my head, I'd only caution that these versions are piano centric and bark up a very different tree than most of the Dead's material.


PS If it's a different tune, please disregard the above with my apologies.
It is the N'awlins classic. The Neville Bros. cover it with a version "Brother John" -- excellent. For Jer and the Boys, surely there must be a version on one of "Dick's Picks."


Now that I got the song right....
The best known version (I believe) is Professor Longhair's. I also love Zachary Richard's take. Warren Zevon used to play it live (not sure he ever recorded it) and - for something a little different - try Cindy Lauper.

I'm sure there's a zillion others out there. And, if you ever get to New Orleans on a visit, you won't be able to avoid it. Bars, restaurants, hotel lobbies, etc.

I take it this refers to Iko Iko

if so, i have heard several but nothing compares to the Dixie Cups from 65. recorded with only a chair, drumstick, Coke bottle, ashtray, and drums, produced by Leiber and Stoller.

Jock-a-Mo is obviously based off it and although I love Sugar Boy Crawford and Dr John, i think the original is a lot better
I actually meant which Dead version is good. I'll have to try these others though. I have a Dr. John version which I like.
Yes, the Dead spelled it Iko Iko.
Thanks for the tips. I can't wait to hear what you've suggested!

I always had it the other way 'round. I think (not sure tho) that Jock-a-Mo was the original Sugar Boy Crawford song and the Dixie Cups covered it using the Iko Iko title. I vaguely remember reading about a My Sweet Lord/She's So Fine style lawsuit that Sugar Boy won? Lost? Can't recall.

Either way, I agree that The Dixie Cups did a memorable version and should have included that one in my list.

Mcrosier, Jock-A Mo is the original recorded in 1953 by James "Sugarboy" Crawford. He also gets credit for writing the song along with three women. He claims he never has received a royalty payment for it. Since it was released on the Chess label that wouldn't be surprising as they had a habit of not paying royalties to their artists. The Dixie Cups version is a cover.
Definitive version...by the Belle Stars
my mistake

i have the Crawford version and thought it was 67'

that is the date of the release i have but obviously it was just pressed then. i didn't realize it was from the 50's

thanks for the info
If looking for a dead version, the newer 'Crimson, White and Indigo" DVD/CD release from philly in '89 is great.
The Dixe Cups for sure! Do yourself a favor and get the sound track to "The Big Easy". Iko Iko is the first track plus you get eleven more great songs from various artists. You can pick it up cheap ($3.00 used) on Amazon.
Awesome! I'll check out Crimson, White, And Indigo, Professor Longhair, Dixie Cups, Cindy Lauper and the rest.
That's cool that Warren Zevon did it. I have a version of the Dead doing his song Werewolves of London, which is fair to middlin'. I'm biased, though; this Zevon song is one of my all time faves.
Who knew there were so many versions of Iko?
Thanks for all the tips!
There are different version by the Grateful Dead. When this song was first played by them it was a slow laboring tune, check out Rochester 1980....then during 1985, or so, they shorten and sped it up, usually opening up the first of second set with it. There are so many Iko's it is tough to say which is best. But being a Deadhead from way back, I'll check my collection and get back to you.
Dick's Picks Vol. 9..... Madison Square Garden, Sept. 16, 1990 ..... disc #2, track #10. Awesome ten minute live version, from a concert shortly after Brent Mydland's passing away. Vince Welnick and Bruce Hornsby, with Jerry, Bobby and Phil all in fine form. Enjoy !
I have to say, I like the Belle Stars version and the Dead's from Crimson White & Indigo best so far. Warren Zevons is a little crazy, at least the fast version they have on amazon.
I was at that show and taped it from right behind the soundboard, center. That whole run was great.
I'm partial to the 5/7/1984 version from the Hult Center in Eugene.
I got Crimson, White and Indigo. It does contain a nice version. But I really like the "Blow Away" they played that night!

One of my favorite Aiko’s.  4-23-84 (first one)

Maybe partial because I was freaking out with a cape on... but this was killer and Jerry and Phil were on!


...and Yes @stearnsn - that 5/7 Aiko from Hult is fantastic too

I like the slower version of from Rochester 09-02-1980. Great show!
I guess I'd pick The Meters version, unless I am hearing it live on St. Joseph's day in NoLa
I love the Dr. John version on Gumbo, which is an early 70's LP in celebration of other NOLA artists of the 50's and 60's.