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The 3 best of the best Audio (HiFi) Designers ?
Andy Payor (Rockport)Steve McCormackRichard Vandersteen 
Cabasse dealers in the US
Sorry, I moved on.  I now have Rockport Mira II's 
Stereo Receivers from the past...
  Hard to imagine a vintage receiver better than the Luxman R-117. 
Searching on Audiogon is Difficult...
david_ten, thanks!  You got my point completely.  If you want to look for T+A gear on Audiogon, the current search parameters are not helpful.  There may be other brands that are similarly affected but this is the one that frustrates me.  Maybe a ... 
Would this room treatment be worthwhile?
Ok, so I tried eric_squires' suggestion and hung a large down-filled quilt over the entire surface of the TV.  I invited my audiophile, musician friend with excellent hearing over to listen.  We played several pieces of classical, jazz and rock wi... 
Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations.
Thanks to all who replied...however, I wasn't looking for more recommendations on performances of of this piece.  Instead, using this piece as an example and my descriptors of what I found appealing about it, I was asking for more recommendations ... 
your favorite 3 Duke Ellington albums?
It's not "technically" Duke... but since you already like "Side by Side", you should hear "Johnny Hodges with Billy Strayhorn's Orchestra.  It's one of my all-time favorites regardless of genre.  I see where it is available on a 2013 SACD release.... 
dBpoweramp with iMac
I just checked the dBpoweramp support forum.  The Administrator confirmed that the latest version of dB is compatible with Catalina.  I hope this info is useful to other Mac users!Mahler123, thanks for your assistance. 
dBpoweramp with iMac
I found the contact info on Google.  Unfortunately the email address is to be used only for registration questions.  I posted on the "support forum" but no one has responded yet. 
dBpoweramp with iMac
I'm not sure how to contact them as no email or phone # is available on their site. 
Innuos Statement Review
lalitk, I also heard the Innuos demo at RMAF.  I concur with your praise of the Zenith Mk3 paired with the Phoenix re-clocker.  To my ears it was 95% of the Statement's SQ for a lot less money. 
Best Tubes on Market today?
+1 on Andy's Vintage Tubes.  He is the best I've ever worked with. 
RMAF - Innuos Demo
My brother-in-law and I attended this demo.  We both concurred that the improvement was not was huge!  To me, the improvement when adding the re-clocker was more dramatic on streaming files than on ripped files.  For both of us, the su... 
can someone answer me this.....
I have your amp and pre-amp.  Before getting the ET3SE, I contacted Steve McCormack and he said there should be no issues pairing the two.  I use  an Amperex 6992 from Andy's Vintage Tubes and have been very happy with the result.  As mentioned by... 
My rankings of some classical violin music in high resolution
I recently listened to Daniel Lozakovich play the J.S. Bach Violin Concertos No. 1 & 2 on Deutsche Gramophone (24/96).  It bettered my Anne-Sophie Mutter, Julia Fischer, and Janine Jansen versions by quite a ways.  A truly fabulous recording!