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Von Schweikert UniField One
I have had a pair of Unifield Ones for a few years. They sound outstanding. I've driven them with both SS and Tubes.I don't have anywhere to put them right now so they are in a box unfortunately. I should sell them but I don't want to be filled wi... 
MiniMonitor 33lbs w/realistic vocals,not bright.
I went through about a dozen small monitors in my office system. I would stay away from active studio monitors for what you are seeking here. They will likely not fit the #1 & #3 criteria in your OP. For what you seek here is my top 5:1) 47 la... 
Berkeley Alpha vs Weiss 202 vs Ayre QB9 vs ?
Has anyone compared the Alpha being fed by the new USB interface vs. the 202? 
The Plangent Processes
Great interview about the mastering process with grammy award winning Engineer David Glasser. 
Favorite version of Grateful Dead's Aiko Aiko?
I'm partial to the 5/7/1984 version from the Hult Center in Eugene. 
ATC scm 7,11,19.What amp are you using?
I had 7's for a short time. They sounded truly terrible with my 75wpc tube amp and wonderful with my 300wpc SS Mac amp. Shadorne is right, more volume was definitely a good thing with the ATCs. 
Anyone with an opinion on the McIntosh MC303?
I have one and I think it sounds terrific. Depending on speakers, it can sound better than my MC275 (tube). 
Meridian HD621
Axle, I am having some issues with the ATV to HD621. My processor reads PCM on ATV input making me think that I might be getting ATV signals passed through without filtering... 
Meridian HD621
Axle, the Macbook pro does not have HDMI out so it is hard to say if it is equal to the ATV. Variables include the noisy computer environment, the optical cable/connection, etc.I guess trying the Macbook and the ATV via optical may tell yo something. 
Meridian HD621
I have the same set up you are considering Axle. I think it sounds great. I purchased the ATV specifically to stream via HDMI so I have never tried it direct via S/PDIF but I have streamed directly from my Macbook Pro via optical and the ATV-HD621... 
Review: NAD 3020 Receiver
I am "between" amps in my office set up so I pulled my old trusty 3020A out of storage. I bought it new in 1983ish (paired with a Rotel RCD-965BX and AR27 speakers at the time I think) but never really treated it very nicely. It is a bit dusty and... 
High Rez audio over HDMI
You don't get to use the single CAT-5 cable but instead use 3 S/PDIF cables (smartlink/MHR) to transmit the digital data from HD621 to G68.Trifield is great for many recordings, especially good ones, but I find I use the "musiclogic" program a lot... 
High Rez audio over HDMI
Have you considered a G68 which you can buy in the lower tier of your ranges? Pared with an HD621 it sounds pretty nice. What source are you planning to use? 
"Best" multichannel universal player right now?
Kal, I re-read the latest issue and it seems more clear now. Never is a strong word. 
"Best" multichannel universal player right now?
From what I can garner the Sony may have an edge with some pre-pro's/receivers but for HD621 guys...