Exposure 2010Sv NAD 375BEE Worth comparing??

I ( and others) have been surprised or stunned by the Exposure 2010S as it has been better musicaly in my systenm then anything I have put against includiong integrateds going for 2x its price. I am wondering about the NAD 375BEE as it has a headphone jack . Is this worth comparing?? Does anyone have any experience with these two? Thanks,keith
seriously compare both to an Anthem 225. seriously.
FWIW Stereophile named the Exposure as a Class A unit. NAD wasnt even close. NAD will deliver much more power but nowhere near the clarity. If you want a HP capability better to simply buy a HP amp. You can get a decent one for $300...Creek, Music Fidelity etc.
I admit I have no direct comparison whether NAD could have tackled the challenge with comparable aplomb, but I heard the Exposure 2010S integrated with the cdp of the same series driving none less than the 10x more expensive Acapella 5th Avenue II speakers (88db/4Ohm) and it was impressive in every respect: rhythmic and gloriously singing yet refined and emotional. Even if the NAD were as good (and that is no easy feat), I believe it also costs a few hundred $ more. Given that headphone jacks mostly perform quite poorly in this class of gear, I decidedly second the idea of spending that money on a good headphones amp.
In the words of stereophile's reviewer Sam Tellig "NAD is up there in quality with the best solid state...and performs way, way, out of it's price class." - Oct '09. Review of the C375. You cannot go wrong with the NAD amps. You are getting fantastic sound per dollar. The exposure is a great amp also and probably does out class the NAD in clarity, but it's not by much and the NAD has deep high quality bass that the exposure can't touch and the ability to drive tough loads with ease.

It comes down to what you're after with your system. If I was building a system for pristine clarity and nuetrality with some british mini-monitors, then I would go exposure. If I was building an all arounder that will rock as well as deliver clean clear vocals and mids, I'd go NAD.
Any thoughts on the Anthem 225. I thought it was very good but seemed a little more laidback and distant, but very good. The headphone amp in it seemed pretty good. keith
NAD amps are good (I've owned a string of them) but not worth buying for the sake of the headphone jack. It's a convenience feature, but it's just not that good on the C372, and I'd imagine the C375 is about the same. I've used it with the AKG K501 (it was OK for these) and the Sennheiser HD600 (pretty poor for these).
Anybody have an experience with the Anthem?? keith
While I have not heard the Exposure, the Anthem 225 is musical and dynamic, with a higher degree of resolution than one would expect in its price range. My brother recently went from an older NAD integrated to Anthem seperates (MCA 20 and TLP 1), and the sonic improvement is stunning. Anthem's products are overachievers.
I am seriously thinking about purchasing the NAD 375BEE to use with the ATC 11. I was originally interested in purchasing the Exposure 2010S. However; it seems the ATC requires a more powerful amp.
Anyone had experience with paring the NAD or Exposure with the ATC???
I did get a chance to do this and two of us thought the NAD was good but the Exposure was better. More musical and fluid. If you listen to Metalica all day every day ,maybe the NAD but for everything else (even rock ) we thought the Exposure was great. I keep trying to get rid of it but cannot find anything in the range to take it down. keith
Hi Keith, I understand the Exposure may be better than the NAD; however, the ATC 11 which is a medium size monitor, requires a powerful amp in the 150+ watt category. What speakers did you guys push with the Exposure? I am not sure if it is powerful enough for the ATC.

I would be curious how your NAD would pair with the ATC 11 as those speakers are quite power hungry but i understand the NADs seem to drive them well.
Hoping for your inputs if you do get the chance to try them out.
I am considering upgrading from my Cambridge Azur 640 A driving Revel F 12 floor standind speakers . What do you guys think would be a better fit for the Revels also do you think either the 2010 or NAD would be a significant improvement over the NAD ? I wrote to Sterophile and they reccomended the NAD.
I live in Pittsburgh and unfortunately there is no place to audition the amps
Russ DeJulio
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My 2004 NAD T773 AVR(145w/ch in stereo) sounds fantastic for 2-channel playback with very good bass drive and plenty of detail. With that said, I am sure the 375BEE will sound and perform even better and should have no problem driving your Revels.

Thank you the NAD 375 BEE was the other option I was considering

THANK YOU for all your input !!!


Russ Dejulio