Experienced Jolida amp owners - Advice needed

Looking for feeback on which is the best tube integrated for a newbie. (102,202,302brc) I live in a condo and don't crank up the volume. My speakers are Paradigm mini monitor v3. My musical tastes are all over the board, I listen to all styles... I would be fine with learning how to bias the amp, just looking for the best sounding unit.
Please let us know your budget.Also click forums and do a search,,there you will find a lot of info regarding Jolida.
the 102 uses EL84 tubes which have a nice sweet sound and the amp doesnt put out a lot of power 20wpc

your speakers are not too hard to drive

could be a nice combo
I wanted to stay under $1,000 is possible. The Prima Luna and Cayin are just out of my reach at this time. I don't think I want to gamble on a an Ebay cheap amp either... I have read alot about the 102, seems to be a great value? i have read about reliability issues with the 302, but that has the auto-bias which is nice.
If your speakers are fairly sensitive/efficient (88dB+), the 102b with some tube-rolling would be sublime. How big is the room?
Jolida makes great stuff, and you really don't need "auto bias" if you own a small screwdriver and the amp is an "ez-bias" model. Takes about 46 seconds to bias 4 tubes.
I listen "near-field" at medium to low volumes so I don't think the wattage will be much of an issue. It sounds like the 102 is the way to go....Thanks for the input!
Jolida makes good tube amps.
My first tube amp was a 502RC with quad 12L2 speakers.
I thought they sounded great, but it all up to your ears, see if there is a local dealer so you can compare them for your self, even with your speakers.
I have a 102 I used the last month ,and have used as a back-up for about 6 years,very sweet ,fun to listen to,makes bad recordings sound good,good recordings sound good,detail is ok and bass could be tighter,but it has a good balance overall,and is footstomping fun to listen to.And can be modded to sound very good,from what ive been told.Better tubes will make a nice improvement.You are making a good choice! Have fun!Ray
Has anyone had experience with Psvane tube amps from Grant Fidelity? The prices are very good and seem to have everything I want. (2 inputs, self-biasing, 25 watts...)
Are Jolidas direct wired amps? I know they're not terribly expensive. Does anyone have experience with Jolida and Harbeth speakers?
Jolida uses whatever works...they're not "point to point" hand wired esoterica which makes them more affordable. Since they offer a very wide range of products I assume they work with a wide range of speakers (my amp has 4 and 8 ohm transformer taps, as do many Jolidas). I've plugged my 502p into not only my everyday setup (Silverline Preludes) but other things including a pair of small-ish 6 ohm KEFs I use as studio monitors, a pair of pro audio PA speakers, an older pair of sealed bass reflex speakers, and the toes of a friend who passed out on my couch. Worked great with all of 'em.