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Crown XLS 1500
I demoed the XLS1500 in my system several months ago, and agree that it is a mighty fine amp for the dollars asked. THe best sound (for me) was using the XLR inputs (I used a custom RCA-XLR IC) and the SpeakOn connectors. And topped off with soft ... 
SPL - Pro Audio Blasphemy?
I use a Crown Xti 1002 to drive my woofers with the built in X/O at great for tight pounding bass. 
Clayton Audio Class A amps. Need amp advice
"What do you guys think about the guy that builds the Hypex Ncore amps James Romeyn.They seem like a great deal and are pretty much the same as the $4800 Thor from Merrill just without the fancy case."No they are NOT the same. Different modules. 
Rega P3-24 or RB301 anti-skating bias
So zero AS position is...??? All the way in, all the way out? 
Best amp for $550 to mate with the following...
Only responding because I saw two amps mentioned that I am familiar with, the Sonographe A250 (sold mine a month ago, very good amp)and ClassD Audio ( I have the 125W. model).I recently heard the Crown XLS 1500, and compared to the ClassD Audio am... 
Need a bass amp
Look at the Crown XLS DriveCore series, clean classD power at bargain prices. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Solus3, 'corner of the dub'. 
Best isolation cones
I have had good success with the Black Diamond racing cones, but have never tried the Nordosts. 
Tung-sol 12AX7 gold pin old issue
If you meant the reissue, I found the gold pins' sound to be somewhat 'dead'/flat in both my CAT pre and my tube amp. The regular steel pins sound is more lively/dynamic. The extra cost of the 'gold' was a waste of dollars imo. 
Recommend a subwoofer?
If price is a consideration, check Parts Express Dayton Audio line of subs. You should be able to find a few under $200. 
Review: Crown International XLS1500 Amplifier
"Here is the catch, the input voltage for full gain is around 2.5 volts which is pretty high. So if you are using a normal Hifi preamp you may not have the voltage required to achieve the gain you desire,"That's incorrect, the output of a cd playe... 
Help with speaker cable under $500 for new system
I would recommend Audioquest GBC available from HMC audio...flexible and they use quality connectors. Prices are quite reasonable. A 10ft. pair will run you 150. I bought a 8ft. pair many years ago and it still remains my top budget s/c.http://hcm... 
how to adjust bias for kt77 tubes in Jolida 302
Yeah, you need 'hotter' biasing tubes, I had a GL KT77quad that couldn't make bias too. Sent them back and the replacement quad made bias just fine.I have an older 302 and the manual says 35-45 mV. for EL34 types, so not sure about the newer 302brc. 
Stillpoints Ultra SS Orientation
With the 'hats' up against the component, you get maximum resolution...reverse them and you get a warmer sound...I aim for maximum resolution under my CAT pre and a combo for my amps(1 down and 2 up).Use of bamboo cutting boards as platforms compl... 
"I was able to turn two pots several revolutions without reaching the stop point."Normal for multiturn bias trim pot, which the newer Jolida units has. Bias should have been checked after shipping before power up. The multiturn pots make for more ...