Eric Bibb fans?

Looking for the best folk/blues record from Eric Bibb. I have a single track live solo recording of Needed Time I just love. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Looking for similar acoustic solo or minimalist recording.
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"Just Like Love" on OPUS 3 (HDCD) is worth having - especially if you're an E.B. fan.
I can second "Just Like Love". I happen to like most of his stuff but this one is reasonably minimalist (some solo, some not). I also like "Good Stuff." The more recent "Friends" is also good but, while far from being overdone, it is less minimalist because it specifically showcases at least two artists per track.
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IMO, "Friends" is not only great music, with great musicians helping out (such as Taj Mahal and Charlie Musselwhite), but it is a reference recording.
The old Opus 3 "River Road" is classic. Out-of-Print 2 channel tape which sounds marvelous. If you are nice I'll send you a burned copy.
Second that on "River Road". In fact, it's on my TT as I write this.
The opus SACDs I have are excellent. Eric Bibb and Needed Time - "Spirit and the Blues" and Eric Bibb - "Just Like Love"

Also, there is a great Telarc SACD Eric Bibb, Rory Block and Maria Muldaur called "Sisters And Brothers".

WOW! I can't believe the responces. Needed Time and Right on Time are the first 2 cuts on a compilation album I have from Mississipi Studios in Portland, Or.

As I watch Hurricane Katrina coverage last year I turned off the TV sound and played these tracks. It seemed very apropos.

The new IMAX film Hurricane on the Bayou starts this week and I wanted to use it for walk-in and lobby music. If you get a chance to see the film I would highly recommend it. It blends musicians, wetlands, family and wildlife with some spectacular footage.

Thanks to all!!!