APL Esoteric DV-50, APL SACD1000 or Opus 21?

Which of these would sound better? The APL does CD and SACD, while the Opus does only CD redbook. How would they compare to a Jolida JD-100 Hod Rod Stage II?

My system includes:

Canary Ca301 Mk-2
Jolida Envoy pre-amp
Jolida JD-100 Hod Rod Stage II
Synergistic Research cables
Acoustic Research AR-9 speakers (1980 model)
Just FYI -

ReferenceAudioMods.com now offers a very extensive menu of mods to the DV-50, including transformer-coupled output stages (using silver-wire transformers - expensive, but potentially quite significant).

Tube Research Labs also mods this player for a very reasonable price.

I don't profess to know how they compare to the APL DV-50 offering, but you might want to do some research there.

I have a DV-50 myself, and though I have not heard any modded players (DV-50 or otherwise), I like this player enough to keep it and go down one of these upgrade paths.

After reading countless threads regarding this player, I get the feeling that AlexP doesn't really have any desire to mod the DV-50, and has voiced several technical reasons that it is a poor platform to invest in for such mods. He is only offering a few updates to it due to popular demand.