Anyone have any experience with the Esoteric X-03?

I am considering changing from Modwright Denon 3910 to the Esoteric X-03 (I have not heard this piece yet) and was wondering if anyone has made that comparison. Currently using a Pass X250 and a Pass X1 preamp with Montana KAS speakers.
Secorsj, I highly recommended you take a look at a thread I started entitled: Reference DACS: An overall perspective, it has recently been loaded with all types of information concerning Esoteric pieces, including the X-03, you will find it quite informative.
Has anyone auditioned the new X-03"SE" version out there? Does anyone know what the retail price is for the SE?
retail price = $7,500 dollars for x-03 se
I am looking for one myself.
Brysto - I decided to bite the bullet and go for the U-3SE as it is indentical to the X-03 (albiet slightly higher $$) but will cover all formats out there including DVD-A. Will report back on my immpressions after a break-in period...