American Audio

Even if audio is a global thing, good ’ole USA is still there:

PS Audio -not terribly expensive, excellent-sounding gear
Benchmark, Sanders -innovative amps, no nose-bleed prices
Cables/cords -Transparent, High Fidelity, Synergistics, Cardas, Kimber, Audioquest. More brands than anywhere on Earth.
Klipsch, JBL -still after 75 years, horns no longer ’sound’ like horns
Emerald Physics/Spatial -new takes on horn/waveguides. Like Klipsch, all-American incl parts
Vandersteen, Joseph, Ryan -the cone speaker keeps getting better
Component/speaker stands -Symposium, Critical Mass, Star Sound
ASC -room acoustics

It’s a confusing world of ear-buds, computer & car audio. And tech-general like the internet. But quality 2-chan audio is around and it’s more than I thought....

Add Acoustic Geometry to room acoustics..
Add Bricasti. Also the Vibraplane is 100% USA

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Not for any particular reason except budget/sound quality, but I wound up with almost all US made gear.
Herron VTPH-2A phono pre
BAT VK-30SE preamp
Magnepan 1.7I speakers
VPI TNT 4 turntable
ET 2.5 tonearm
Frankentable based on VPI Scout w/TNT 4 bearing and platter
Magnepan Unitrac 1 Tonearm

Previous equipment:

PS Audio 5.0 Preamp
DB System 1b/2a/4b preamp system
PS Audio Stellar S300

Current amp: Bryston 4B SST2 (Canada)
Previous previous amp 3B (Canada)

Backert Labs, Clayton Audio, Nordost Cables, Boulder, YG Acoustics, Avalon and many many more!
Back when I first started replacing my vintage stereo with real high end it was a bit of a surprise to realize how much of it was made in the USA. California Audio Labs, McCormack, Synergistic Research, Black Diamond Racing, Graham Engineering, Basis, and my speakers were the little-known Linaeum made in Portland, OR. The surprise was because I never paid any attention to where anything was made. It was all selected for being the best performance/value I could find.

Teres Audio was made in Colorado. Now my table and arm are made in the UK. But the excellent Raven Audio is Dave Thompson and he is in Texas. The outstanding Tekton Moab is Eric Alexander in Utah.   

Can't forget Lubos, his Moneoone Nova and Supernova power cords are made in the USA.  

Perfect Path Solutions was of course USA, and then there is Decware, Bottlehead, Herron, and the list goes on...
No mention of Rogue...
Just don't insist that the parts inside only be American, and you'll be able to fly the flag all day long!
Don't forget Salk Sounds. Outstanding speakers.
"Audio"? High end is dominated by U.S.A. brands, and always has been. Infinity, ESS, and Magnepan---all loudspeaker makers---were started in the late-60's. Richard Vandersteen---about as American as you can be---is a sterling example of how to design and build loudspeakers.

Minnesotan Bill Johnson instigated the high end revolution in electronics with the introduction of his tube designs in 1970,  and his products were actually fairly affordable in the 70's. Mark Levinson and Dave Wilson had a different vision: Price no object! Harry Pearson followed suit in his TAS magazine, setting in motion the notion (hey look, I'm a poet ;-) that higher price ipso facto bought one higher quality.  
Coda has been around since The 90s and still going strong  , Bricasti audio Pass labs ,Boulder mRogue audio ,Vac ,            Audio research upper end McIntosh ,Just to name a few 
Wilson audio , YG Acoustics, Magico ,Alta Audio , Salk Audio ,Spatial audio , Omega audio.
wireworld , Audioquest. Tara labs, Purist Audio Stealth Audio ,Shunyata, Analysis plus cables , there are far more worthy. Companies , which is great to see made in U.S.A which I try to support speakers maybe only exception ,possibly the MBL120-126 stand mints with subs I have my 👁 on ,happy 🎶 listening.
Honorable mentions: Bel Canto, VPI, Modwright, Linear Tube Audio. Good stuff!
Nice rebound jonnie22
ATI, Digital Amplifier Company, Classdaudio, Audio Envy.
no one mentioned Ayre...
Some of my stuff...Rogue...Anthem...Magnepan....VPI. Pretty good American stuff.
Is Transparent Audio (cabling) 100% U.S.A. manufactured?

Happy Listening!
Celebrate! but cast a wide eye and ear for world class gear.
I took a knee for the whole thread.
My American gear manufacturers:
Verastarr/Mike Powell
Zu Audio
Shunyata Research
Synergistic Research
Raven Audio
RCA (tubes)
Pass Labs
First Watt
VPI Industries
Wayne’s Audio
Sweet Vinyl
PS Audio
Benchmark Media Systems
Analysis Plus
Kimber Kable
Schiit Audio
Dan Clark Audio
Orchard Audio
Sonore/Small Green Computer
Roon Labs
Intel (NUC)
Uptone Audio
Campfire Audio
Aperion Audio
Crate&Barrel (listening seating)
Howie’s Hockey Tape (Hockey Pucks)
The Vibrapod Company
Revelation Audio Labs

Nice list! And you finish it off with Revelation Audio Labs...
@dabel Thanks. Now that I have made that list I realize that I have a disease. I don’t feel so good now. I better go listen to some music…
Yes you do, like everyone else here.  What will you be listening to?
ECM jazz via Roon/Qobuz. Thanks. This is our little support group! I am giving my Raven a rest and using my PrimaLuna (not American) Dialogue Premium HP with the stock EL34s to give it a workout. I am excited because I pulled the trigger and got 8 KT150s for it and am anticipating the advertised big difference (I hope). They are on the way. This is on my Magico A3/Aperion SuperTweeter/REL T9i system. 
Don’t forget the Canadians (we’re "North" American eh):

Kronos Audio
Hansen Audio
Resonessence Labs
MOON by Simaudio
Space Tech Laboratory
Totem Acoustic
NAD ( Canadian based development team )
Don't forget Fritz speakers. Made in California. Can compete with Salk all day long.
@tunehead and king, what part? Algonac Michigan born...Bottom thumb. Y’all was a stone throw away!
@tunehead 1+ on our friends to the North!

My Canadian gear:

Bryston (big 28B3 monoblocks for my Maggies) and BP-17 cubed preamp (for sale <shameless plug>)
Simaudio Moon (one of my phone preamps and practically a collectors item: 310LP with 320S outboard power supply connected with a Revelation Audio Lab power umbilical).
Mye Sound (maker of Mye Stands for Magnepans)
I'll stick with my UK stuff...well except my Border Patrol dac.. actually, it is designed by a Brit, but built here....
@audioguy85 1+ for our friends across the pond!

My UK gear manufacturers:
Cambridge Audio
Made in the USA is Made in the USA. Which a couple of you guys reminded me, Campfire Audio, I have their awesome ceramic IEC. Shunyata, how could I forget Caelin Gabriel was in my listening room! Just goes to show how much great American gear there is, can't hardly even keep track of it all!
Addition to my American list (with apologies):
Herbie’s Audio Lab
Looking at my Rig :

  • Orchard Audio StarKrimson Ultra Amplifier
  • PS Audio DirectStream DAC Sr.
  • Balanced Audio Technology VK50-SE
  • McIntosh MC50 x2
  • Koss 95/X
  • Audioquest Interconnects and Speaker Cables
  • Bose 901 Series 1 (1968) x2
  • Ohm  MicroWalsh Satellite's

I got my Schiit, Klipsch, and Dennis Had goin' on. Surprises even me.
Schitt, Dynaco, Heathkit, Signal Cable, Goertz Alpha Core and Morrow, but not sure of the origin of Canare and Belden.

Everything else Canada (amps, DAC), Denmark (preamp, speakers), Japan (tuner), Germany (turntable) and whereever Bluesound is made.
Sound Anchor speaker stands.
Plus all the wood guys.
Modwright out of Washington State the only thing decent left there
I’ll chime back in for Modwright Instruments and add Empirical Audio. For they are also in that neck of the woods but Oregon 
Daedlaus Audio (Washington State), Silnote Audio Cable, Audio Art Cable, Acoustic BBQ cable
Has no one mentioned the obvious ARC?

@facten fabulous addition, Daedlaus Audio 
Kind of hard to believe that no one has mentioned Legacy Audio.
Don’t forget about the most knowledgable poster on these forums - Atma-sphere, made in Minnesota. Anticables, Audio Mirror and Van Alstine also, same state. Audio Research, Magnepan, Bel Canto previously mentioned.
Don’t sleep on Shiit Audio they fill a space that the others don’t. Not all of us can spend the same for an amp as we can for a car or town house.

your Bose 901 caught my eye. I ran mine for years when I had had my Sansui 7070 in the rotation and they sounded very good. Not great but good. Then when I went to Aiger mono blocks and tube Freya I could never get them dialed in. Even an old pair id 301’s sounded better. I found a pair of Vandersteen sig II and was shocked how good they sound in comparison to my Bose. My 901’s are in storage as I don’t even think anyone would buy them. Maybe some day I will hook up in the garage with the 7070 that still runs great.
Polk Audio & Definitive Technology. Part of the Sound United division now, whom also picked up Marantz. Current headquarters based a stone throw away from where I reside, Vista California
Outside of a British tone arm and an American companies CD player made in Japan I have an all Americcan system .
Maybe someday I'll find an american tonearm that I can afford ,
but I doubt that I'll ever find or bother replacing the CD player 
with an American made one ( because I'm a vinyl guy ) .

Merrill Hierloom TT with Rega RB300 arm and Soundsmith cartridge 
Carver CD player ( with tubes )
Tavish Designs tube phono Preamp , Goldpoint passive Preamp 
McCormack amp , Thiel speakers 
Cardas interconnects and speaker cables 

My favorite response was Crate&Barrel !!!   listening chair    ha ha .