Eagles Concert Guitar Player

Does anyone know who the guitar player is that was on the far right (next to Joe Walsh) of the Eagles concert last night?
Don't know, but it sure was great in widesceen high-def. If only the Indy 500 was...
Don't know, but I'll find out. Miss seeing Don up there!
Glen Frey was standing right beside Joe.
He was on the L of Joe Walsh...wasn't he a member of the Pretenders? If it's the guy I'm thinking of, he also toured with McCartney in the early 90's.

I'm still po'd that they booted Don Felder out. I wasn't even going to watch it, but I couldn't resist the temptation.
Stuart Smith replaced don felder on guitar. felder was fired from the band and is currently suing them.
Apparently there are still two sides to everything? The interview I read last year had Felder suing Fry & Henley over royalties he claimed he was due - the numbers were in the upper six-figure range. It was supposedly not a case of getting "fired" as he was PO'd and wasn't going out on tour with them if they were stiffing him for 100s of thousands of dollars. "It's nothing personal - it's just business..."

I saw the Eagles in August 2003 at the White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington. Don Felder was conspicuously absent, and they did not have a replacement guitarist for him.....Walsh and Frey did all the guitar work.

All I can say is that as much as I enjoy Joe Walsh's unique style, Felder was by far the better guitarist....and the Eagles aren't quite the same without him.
Based on their treatment of Don Felder, I didn't watch it. From those who did that I've asked, their performance level wasn't to par with "Hell Freezes Over", so perhaps between that and the commercials, maybe I didn't miss much?
Why was the replacement guirtist on the far right, left of Joe, was not turned up in the mix? I could hardly hear him.
I agree; Felder was a much better guitarist. Joe Walsh certainly is an "interesting" personality, but when he talks he sure sounds like he burned out a few neurons back in the day.
The singing and playing was turgid. They looked bored. Seemed like they should have been playing an Indian casino some where. I used to like these guys.
on don felder's website (feldermusic.com) at the bottom of his "bio" page it states, "In February 2001 Don was wrongfully terminated from the Eagles and is in a pending litigation against his former partners."
I gotta say I enjoyed the show alot, the HI-DEF was great too! I dunno about them being bored, but how could they not be? Playing the same 25 or so concert songs for as long and as many times as they have would bore me too! But I still almost got a goose bump or two last night. As far as ole' Joe Walsh...I think he is the only one who doesnt take himself to seriously.
Did anyone hear Stuart Smith's (replacement guitarst ) guitar? He was clearly not in the mix during the entire show. It' was the first thing I noticed, two bars into the first song. I'm surprised no one has commented on this disaster.
Could have sworn I saw Joe Walsh and Stuart Smith trading solos on a tune. I can't remember which song it was, but I remember wondering who the guitar player was because I didn't recognize him and I thought he was very good.
Tvad, the tune was Hotel California. Stuart Smith is more then a very good guitar player, that's why he got the gig. Not that joe was too loud, the sound man had him turned up just right, but did you notice Joe's guitar was MUCH louder in the mix when they were trading solos? This went on through the whole show, I could barely hear Stuart. Whoever was running sound SUCKED.
Fab4fan, are you thinking of Robbie Makintosh? (Not sure I have that quite right.) He's great.
Drubin: Yes! I was thinking his first name was Robbie but I couldn't remember his last name. Thanks!
Drubin and Fab4fan, The person you are thinking of is Hamish Stuart who played guitar and bass in Paul McCartney,s band. Hamish and Robbie McIntosh ( who played drums ), played together in the Average White Band during the mid 70's. BTW I don't know that the new lead guitar player in The Eagles, name is Stuart Smith. I'm just taking Fdesro's word for it.
Yes, Hamish Stuart was a guitarist on that McCartney tour, but Robbie
MacIntosh, ex-Prentenders, also played guitar with Paul's band on that tour
(and for 6 years total, I believe).

Steuart Smith (that's the spelling) is on the Eagles tour.
You're right, Drubin. The reason I remember is because Hamish had blonde hair, and Robbie had dark brown hair. (Dumb way to remember, isn't it?)

In any event, I think the Eagles were profoundly stupid to boot Don Felder out of the band.
I just did some research, Robbie McIntosh and Robbie MacIntosh are two different people. Robbie from the Average White Band OD'ed and died at Cher's house while she was hosting a party, during the mid to late 70's. And yes, Robbie from the Pretenders did play lead guitar with Paul's band.
I realy enjoyed "Hell Freezes Over" and thought Don Felder did an excellent job. If I remember correctly, he played one number on classical guitar that sounded awesome. Started to watch this latest program but got bored.
Yeah, Don Felder did a classical guitar intro to Hotel California during the Hell Freezes Over tour. It was pretty incredible. During the 2003 tour I saw sans Felder, that intro was replaced with a brass intro (if I recall correctly)...it wasn't nearly as good...
Steuart Smith is an incredible guitarist and has done a lot in the country genre. My music teacher is an old friend of his, and he said Steu has to play felder's part note for note - no improvising allowed - sounds like a high profile paycheck with the Eagles

...with Don Henley running the show, I don't think anyone in the band is allowed to improvise.
Just think! 4 Eagles for the price of 6! How's that for efficiency? They're not even horn-loaded!!