Dynaudio vs PMC???

Hey guys.So I'm in a position to start building a 2 channel rig to replace the one I had to sell off a while back due to unforeseen financial problems & no savings(which was the first thing I recently remedied).My previous system consisted of a Cayin A-55T Integrated amp driving Dynaudio Focus 140's(86db.sens.@4 ohms).Man the sound was just SUBLIME,although the Dyn's could sound a little hard at louder levels(probably the amp running outta steam)so I'm thinking of going with something a little easier to drive because I'm pretty sure I'll end up with an integrated amp around 40wpc(haven't decided if it will be Tube or SS yet).All my research has pointed to PMC TB2i's as most likely candidates,which are 90db.sens.@8ohms.Does anyone have ears on experience with both brands they could convey?I would appreciate your input.Thanks very much,take care...
I have the "baby" PMC stand mount...it's wonderful and makes far more bass than you'd think. I also have "active/powered" Dynaudio BM5. Also quite brilliant at around a grand and...made in Denmark. If you go the "powered" route, you don't need an amp. Ponder.
Hi,you have the DB1i's?What do you drive them with?Room size?How would you compare the sonics between the PMC's & Dyn's?Thanks much...
I have owned the Dynaudio Focus 110s as well as the PMC DB1+. The 110s were a fantastic speaker for the size while the DB1+s were one of my least favorite.
You already have an idea of what the Dyns sound like so I won't describe them. I will describe the PMCs. In my room they were just uninvolving. Never got excited no matter how much I worked on them. Of course this is not the TB2 and as always, YMMV.
Hmmm...interesting. I have tried many different speakers and only two brands have ever satisfied me for any length of time. Those two brands just happen to be dynaudio and PMC. I love them both. From PMC I've owned the DB1i and the OB1i. From Dynaudio I've owned the X12, X16, S1.4, Special 25, and now the Focus 340. One thing that I feel that both Dynaudio and PMC share is that they both deliver lots of clear detail without sounding bright or fatigueing. They also both have nice balanced sounds with the right amount of foundational bass. The Dyns have more bass than the PMCs, but the PMCs are still way above average bass performers. The OB1is I owned had spectacular mid-range. I do believe strongly in system matching and synergy so I think you are on the right track trying to match your speakers to exploit the strengths of your amp. I am surprised that Timrhu did not enjoy the PMC speakers since I found transition between Dynaudio and PMC to be very satisfying. I do think the PMCs will work better with your lowish powered amp.
I've never heard the PMC's but I just want to comment on the Dyn C1 MKII/Sig. Although rated at 85db just like the originals the new MKII's sound better at low to moderate volumes (like they are more efficient). I drove them very nicely with an Octave V40 rated at 40w. I haven't heard the new Focus 160's but I'm guessing the same may be true comparing the 140's to the 160's.
IMO the PMC TB2i is a top choice for small rooms. Bass quality coherence and integration is so much better - its really a PRAT machine. The Tweeter is on the hot side but delivers outstanding definition. The TB2i works better with valves than dynaudio - but both just love power - just build ncore amps for them. For valves i recommend system audio sa2k monitors - much sweeter and more refined than PMC - just a little less PRAT.
Freediver...I've used chip amps, and Brit integrated amps. All good on the PMC. The "active" Dyn BM5 is an interesting option. It puts the amp out of the way inside the speaker cab.