Dynaudio Focus?

Has anyone heard the new Dynaudio Focus line of speakers?
I am particularly thinking of the 140 model, although comments concerning any of the others would be appreciated.
yeah, anyone heard these and can compare to audience and contours?

thanks for any input
Focus 140 is better than contour 1.3, it has same transcuders like new contour series.
Being that alot of people like the older contour series better then the new one (myself inluded) I'd hold off on statements like XX is better then YY because it has some new transducers. Speaker manufacturers have to make 'upgrades' to keep selling their products, but usually they are just tweeking the sound, it's mostly hype. In general, I find the older contours to be a bit sweeter and perhaps a bit more forgiving to bad recordings. I'm hoping they would bring back some of that magic w/ the focus range.
I've been wondering about the Focus 220.
Valinar, I would also look at the SE version of the Dynaudio 52. I think it is one of the finest little speakers I have heard. I got a pair last year with a moderately priced system and they were wonderful. I have since upgraded everything and they are incredible. Very deep tight base, incredible life like vocals and the treble is so smooth that you can listen all day.They really sing with upgraded source and amplification beyond what one would expect from their price point. I just had the local JMlab dealer over to help with some interconnects for a new Arcam CD player and he was amazed at the sound. Very deep and wide soundstage, great detail. I would recommend giving them a listen.
I have listened to a pair of the 53SE's last Summer when I was looking for a pair of smaller monitors for my bedroom (approximtely 12x10) system. I purchased a pair of 42's. They sound great with my NAD c320bee integrated and c542 cd player. I have been taking my time looking for a pair of standmount speakers for my main system- Musical Fidelity a3.2 integrated and a3.2 cd player. I am currently using Paradigm Studio40 v.3 with a REL Strata III sub. I listened to a pair of Contour s1.4 at another dealer a couple weeks ago. They sounded wonderful. However, that particular dealer does not display the Focus line.
Next week I am going to visit a dealer in St. Louis that has the Focus line. They display both the Focus and Contour lines. I look forward to comparing the 140 with the s1.4 to see if the s1.4 is worth the extra $1200.

Given your MF equipment, which I owned in the past to drive the Contour 1.1, I would 'Focus' on either the 110 or the 140, and given the specs of your amp, probably the first.
I've read various reviews in European (esp. German) mags and on fora (e.g from this extensive thread on the main German forum: http://www.hifi-forum.de/viewthread-30-9553.html) and the Focus seem to do a really good job in comparison to the 52SE and both the current and previous current Contour series. One guy even traded in his Contour 1.4 for the Focus 140, for being smoother and more balanced.
Esp. the new neodym-hybrid magnet driven tweeter (not in the older contours, except for the 1.3SE, nor in the 52/72SE) seems to account for the acclaimed results.

Good luck, and am looking forward to the results!
I compared extensively for 3 weeks the Focus 140 vs 1.3mk2 and C1.
I must say, the Focus have excelent midrange, fine but a bit colored bass. The main culprit is IMO extensively corrected/compensated impendance and less damped cabinet. The drivers are of top-class, and the tweeter is very close to flagship series and so VERY smooth.
Focus 140 can be driven with much smaller amps than previous models - this is true especially compared to Contour series (either new or old one). So they have an easy obtainable "jump-factor". All ther atributes are well known and tipically for Dynaudio and they are not dissimilar from other models using 17w75 and Esotec tweeter, thir proven "receip" for good sounding monitor..
I can not resist but to conclude the Focus 140 is an old Contour 1.3mk3/1.3SE with cheaper cabinet and extensively corrected impendance, and completely agree with previous post noting that. Even the look is based to old series.
could you please be a little more specific about what you mean with "a bit colored bass"? With the corrected/compensated impedance, do you think the 140s are easy load for tube amplifiers? Have you compared these speakers to the Nautilus 805?

Thanks in advance for your input.
A pair of 110's arrived to my home this afternoon. I am in the process of breaking them in so it may be awhile until I can give worthwhile subjective thoughts and opinions.

I will say this; I love the Rosewood finish. Most of the pictures online give the impression that this finish is vibrant and 'red'. I found this is not the case in person, as its look is very refined, understated, and 'rich'. This may disappoint some, but I like my decor to be easy on the eyes.

Even the identical finishes often have a different effect. This has probably to do with the real veneer coming from different trees etc. Glad you like your pair though, is it is always uncertain how the exact finish will work out when buying a new pair.

Congrats with the purchase btw, hope you will enjoy them. What equipment will you drive them with, and what are you're first impressions so far?

Thank you for the comments. I may even agree with you in regards to the uncertainty of finish when opening up a brand new box.

I am currently breaking them in on some grunt electronics while I wait for everything else to arrive. This may disappoint, but I will not be using them on ultra expensive hifi;

Source: E-MU1212M
Pre Amp: Adcom GFP 565 (while I am no big Adcom fan, I must concede that this pre is fantastic for a sand pre)
Amp: Odyssey Khartago
Cables: Zu Cable interconnects and Anti Cable speaker wire
Sub: Sunfire Signature *true*

I should also mention, this will be ultra near field for use with my PC. This is by all means, the 'second' system. I still wish I had my Contour 1.1's to directly compare these Focus speakers too.

First impressions; Great dynamics and seem surprisingly very efficient. Everything else really does need break in before I comment and run the risk of giving false impressions...
Thanks for explaining Rumadian,

It is also not my experience to use exotic audio to enjoy them, rather than a proper current/wattaged amp to keep them in control.

Efficiency seems an improvement then over older models, incl. 1.1. Which might be driven by marketing purposes as many are put off by speakers that are difficult to drive.