Dynaudio Contour S5.4 & S3.4 Owners?

Any problems getting used to the tweeter below the bass drivers? Unusual configuration, very few speakers set up this way. Just wondering. Thanks!
I have a pair of s3.4's. The tweeter position is only unusual....looking. There was nothing to get used due to the configuration...ie the highs don't stand out or seem like they radiate from the midpoint, but present with a very cohesive manner to the double mid/bass drivers.
Go for it.
I have the 3.4's and do not detect the location of the tweeter just marvelous sound. They are so good they will be the last speakers I own.
So in your opinions it's more of a visual thing than a sonic one. I wonder why Dynaudio decided to configure the drivers in such a way. Do you think this placement might have less room effect than having the bass drivers closer to the floor? Maybe less bass bloat without the floor reinforcement? To me, visually, the speakers are up side down. But if they sound great who cares?
" I wonder why Dynaudio decided to configure the drivers in such a way"
Because like LedZep said, they sound amazing. Trust the Danes. They know what they are doing.
They are amazing loudspeakers. Darn near full range in a nice tight footprint, can play VERY loud with full scale dynamics, sound well balanced and natural even at low volumes, disappear like good mini monitors, and vocals are to die for. I used to own contour 1.8mkii's. In the lower level listening the 3.4s are much more interesting. The 1.8s needed bigger signals to open up. Great for parties bad for long term health.

I feel like ledzep in that these speakers are with me for the long haul. They have been my dream speaker for some time. You just can't beleive the bass response from dual 6.5 drivers, but there it is. Blamo. Fast, tight, and deep. Acoustic bass sounds so real, so nice.
A very well balanced speaker. Sorry for the long rant but you get my drift?
The tweeters as placed are closer to normal ear level which helps to open up the soundstage. Unless I put my ear right next tot he speaker I can't tell where the sound is coming from - tweeter or the other drivers.

Who cares where it is placed as long as it sound good?
The tweeter was designed to be at ear level hence the placement. Extraordinary speakers!
Had my S3.4's for just over 3 years now and still am amazed by them. I think they are probably permanent - even the wife loves them, which is a good sign! She has a better ear than I do anyway. Ha!

As for the tweeter, it still occasionally distracts me. Plus I am 6'6" so they tend to be a touch below my ear level. I seem to recall reading that this alignment was in having to do with room reflections, but I may be mistaken...?
You are correct. Positioning the woofer in the middle of the room instead of by the floor eliminates early reflections from the floor.