Dynaudio Confidence C1: looking for speaker cable.

I am working in a new system. I´ve just bought a pair of Dynaudio C1 to use with Goldmund pre and power amp. (SRP-2.3 and SR-2.3)
Now I have to buy speaker cables. As I saw, Dynaudio still recomend Ocos speaker cables, but it´s very rare to see Ocos here in Audiogon.
If you have Dynaudio Confidence series, please let me know your experience with the speaker cables.
I had the S1.4, and tried Kimber, Signal, and DH Labs.

They all sounded the same. I'd look into Signal cable or Blue Jeans cable to find some well built cables that sound just as good as anything else.
Im running Virtual Dynamics with my C4s...nice results.
My dynaudio dealer swears by nordost valhalla. He has simaudio components and it sounds fantastic. I however demoed the baldur and didnt really care for it. I am running a bryston b100 int amp with a merdian G08. I believe my bryston is more forward sounding than the simaudio which could explain my dislike with the nordost.
I had very good results using the Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerators when I had C1's, and the Precision Reference would be even better.
Forgot to mention that I'm also looking for cables for my C1's. Going to check out Jps and Synergistic Research next. Also the nordost is very fast and detailed (a little too much for my likings). I dont know about the goldmunds but it is posssible the nordost would be a good match.
Not sure what your budget is, but I can tell you from experience that Dyn's Confidence line does respond favorably to cable upgrades.

Currently using Harmonic Tech Pro 9 speaker cables with good results on my C4's and previously with my C2s. Hope to eventually be in position to upgrade to Stealth Dream Petite.

As far as interconnects, I've had tremendous results in upgrading to Jade Hybrids... leaving my Purist Venustas in a distant second place. I see there are some used Jade Vermeil IC's listed that can probably be had for less than $400 per pair.
I enjoyed using NAIM NACA5 wire with my Dyn's.Stuff is a real sleeper and done right.....

I use the pro 9's with my Special 25's. Have little to no experience with some of the higher priced brands mentioned above...
From a very reliable source (man who visited Dynaudio factory a while ago) I've been told that internal wiring into the Evidence line is thoroughly consisted of the Van den Hul Wind Mk II cable... Dyn people suggested him to use this cable as speaker cable to his own pair of C1. I am C1 owner and I use the Wind Mk 2 too...
Thank you very much for the information and recomendations.
I use Empirical Audio Clarity7 with my C1's and think it's a terrific match. However, as I once read, it may make more sense to call speaker cables "amplifier cables." In other words, the amplifier-SC combination may be as important as the SC-speaker combo, or even more so. I use a Gamut amp.
I use and recommend to all my clients with the Confidence series and above the Kimber Select KS3033. I highly recommend as do the engineers at Dynaudio copper speaker and interconnect cables.
I believe Drubin has a valid point.

Btw,the C-1's are fabulous speakers,by any standard.I was amazed at how well they can fill a room,with rather full range low distortion sound.

Great design.