does Queen have better sound quality CD?

I want to buy some early Queen CDs and wonder if they have re-released any of their stuff with better sound.

I am looking for the first 2 discs and maybe a Night at the Opera or a Day at the Races

They were all remastered a few years ago.
I bought the two 2-disc compilations on XRCD and they're terrific. I haven't checked to see if there are individual albums on XRCD.
I bought Queen 2 on a Japanese. Remaster [TOCP-65842]. Thin and harsh, but much better than the original USA CD version.

A Night at the Opera was released as a gold CD on both the MoFi and DCC labels [maybe someone could explain those licensing deals!] The DCC release is far superior to the MoFi release!
And, of course, the DVD-A of Night at the Opera!

thanks guys!

will look into it, maybe Deep Discount does ot carry the remaster version so will go elsewhere.
I have the original Queen 2 release and then bought the Box Set called "The Crown Jewels" and the Queen 2 in that set is far superior sounding then the original release.They all sound fantastic.I was an early fan of them from the first album and then i thought Queen 2 was a masterpiece.Kind of slid down hill for me after that but i thought i would pick this up and give some of these discs i have never heard a listen.Think there are like 6 or so discs in the set.What i do know is the first album and the second album sound much better in this remastered "Crown Jewels" box set.If you are a fan i would investigate this set for better sound quality.Probably the later albums already had very good sound but not really sure.
Fatparrot is right about the DCC vs. MFSL. The MFSL is not an upgrade from other redbook releases.

Is the crown jewels reissue still available?
For a review of A Night at the Opera and other hidh resolution discs go here.
I saw acoustic sounds has a new A Night at the Opera on vinyl, has anyone heard that?
I agree with above post about Queen 2 it is a masterpiece...full of incredible imagination and playing....side black alone is a can probably find their crown jewel box set in a used record store...long Live Freddie Mercury... I saw Queen twice..just amazing
Thanks guys!

I just got my Crown Jewels set and it does sound terrific with an open quality that is not on the vinyl, which to me, has always sounded rollod off and thick.

I have not listened to any of their stuff in quite a while and it kind of reminds me of King Crimson with the ebb and flow of the music and the burning guitar. The third disc has some nice stuff on it too which I have never heard. Better 30 years late than never!

I bought it from a place called Second Spin for $50 instead of the list price of about $130.

thanks again,