Digital Rules

Seems to me there quite a few people here that have the misguided belief that some antiquated use of vinyl and outdated analog technology is somehow the "preferred" method of reproduction of music. I say they are wrong and behind the times, not to mention that they can't even do home theater. Personally I threw away my LP's, eight track players, cassette decks and vcr's years ago. The world is going digital, move on or get left behind !!
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Troll alert!!!

It's a little too sophisticated a crowd here to fall for this one! (At least I hope so).

You have to laugh loud with this one! But with all the serious and educational exchanges that go on here, some entertainment is needed too.
ahhh troll... at least 'fer once I can smell it too!
How does he tape TV shows?
Sorry, I refuse to stop listening to my Edison cylinders. They were good enough for my grandparents, and they're good enough for me and my family! Screw progress!!
Justicels -

He could use any of the new hard-disk based PVRs, like TiVO, etc. There's pretty much nothing today that can't be stored/transmitted digitally in both a technically and economically feasible fashion.

Try listening to any good analog source and you'll know digital is so, so. Analog always sounds more ORGANIC/REAL.
Ahhhhhhh, Genesis168 fell for it!!! Oh Well.
I'm crushed... does this mean my Victrola is obsolete?
When I saw the title of the thread "Digital Rules", I thought this would be an instructional on how to setup your tranport, anti-jitter device and DAC. Oh well, fooled again.
You are absolutely right! Now go away as there is nothing else to be said. Well, there goes my Troll Hug for the day.
Live and in person rules!! Analog if you're stuck at home. This post is under Home Theater, so not sure if they know what an audio system is???
Does this mean that my Best Buy cassette deck is not considered state of the art reproduction for my Bose Speakers?
Hell, I still keep my 8-track player for those special moments...
Troll-boy, as a reward for your efforts we've decided to chip in and get you a lifetime subscription to "Eight Track World". Keep an eye out for the first issue.
Digital Rules only if you only want to hear explosion or gun fire. That all................
Sugarbies' right, only "Live" really rules !
nyuk - nyuk - nyuk
Robedk, I love you man....but you still can't have my Bud.
Hey, mannnnnnn! A double negative vote for subscribing our trolling buddy to "Eight Track World"? It's a *real* newsletter. Now, how the hell am I going to get enough points to trade in those steak knives for a set of Tiki God tropical cocktail glasses? I'm crushed.