digital cable vs. satellite standard definition

Haven't been keeping up lately, what is the resolution/quality on these two, real obvious difference?
Cable HD vs. satellite HD, do they both get full resolution or is cable somewhat degraded? thanks for any input.
It doesn't matter how good the picture is when you lose your sat signal, it may not hapen often but when it does it's quite frustrating. Personally I'd go cable.

By the way I have satellite now but will change to cable when I move in August.
I have a friend that has both cable and satellite both with HD. He thinks they are about the same. The reason he has both is he likes the cable broadband internet and the extras offered by satellite. He is a hard core videophile.

All I will say it that "Digital Cable" is not HD. You will need digital cable in order to get cable HD, but the basic digital cable service is just a cable TV signal sent digitally.

Digital cable just has a lot more features and a lot more channels than regular cable, including the ability to get HD if offered.

You may see some improvement with digital cable, depending on how good your standard cable signal is.

I only mention this because I've had neighbors get digital cable and then wonder why the picture looks about the same.

I believe the same can be said about satellite digital TV and satellite HD.
If you are watching tv via a dvr, with a cable company dvr, they compress the signal more as the disc fills up, so video quality goes down. with a directv/TIVO box there is only one quality (best).
cable is a bit better, I used to be a firm Satelite guy, but "on demand" thru cable is really a great feature, siganl loss with Satelite is a real thing with cable is if it does go out I just watch concerts and movies from the DVR.
Is there much differnece between digital cable resolution and regular satellite resolution?
Dbriana, you should check out and You can wander the threads and see what the videophiles are saying.