Did I buy a counterfeit REL T5/i sub??

I recently purchased a used Rel T 5/i sub to go with the one I previously bought from an authorized dealer.  The used T 5/i had all the packaging, manuals, etc and the sub itself looks just like the one I have now.  This morning I noticed something different...the REL emblem on top of the sub and on the 4 legs is now written horizontally instead of diagonally.  Does anyone know if this was a recent official design change?  I doubt this sub is counterfeit but I will admit I have a little bit of doubt.  Please someone set my mind at ease....
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Why not contact Rel and ask them if they changed logo placement?
Counterfeiting subs wouldn't be a very profitable venture, so I doubt it is.
Also, are the serial numbers very different for one another?-that would be another clue. 

REL Acoustics America                  

800 Addison Street, Berkeley, California 94710

e: [email protected]   

 p: (510) 990-6005

M&K claims counterfeit subs, among other things, drove them out of business. The factory in China that was making their subs was making more and selling them out the "back door" as it where. They were getting inquiries about a "piano black" sub, which they knew they never made.

So, it does happen.
Thanks for the input guys.  My plan was to contact Rel directly on Monday but just wanted to get your thoughts first.  

Regarding the serial number, they are same format, font, etc.

I appreciate it guys.  I felt that probability was low the sub is counterfeit.
About 5 years ago i bought a new in box t5 off craigs list . The owner said he won it in a company raffle and had no use . It was discounted half of new . Sold the t5 months later . The new owner contacted me days later and was suspicious of its authenticity . It could be counterfeit . 
@maplegrovemusic , so was the sub counterfeit?  Did the new owner tell you why he felt suspicious?
Very interesting- tboooe

I can state that I have never read about a counterfiet subwoofer? I suppose anything is possible, is it probable?

IME, REL is the best sub in the biz. Keep me posted after you consult
REL company.
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The buyer was saying something about the metal grille was his suspicion . i just thought the guy was a quack at the time . could be something to it from what eriksquires stated about mk having a problem . Never would have guessed the counterfeit market would be so big in audio equipment . Makes me wonder though ..
OP- have you connected them to your system? Do you notice any difference sound-wise/operation-wise?
Though the opportunity for counterfeiting exists, I think there are better choices for it. Why make a heavy object when there are more profitable venues, like cables?

Just in my opinion, I think you have the real deal. As one of the above posts said, just listen. You should be able to pick up on something if it isn't right. When I used to buy Legacy speakers, they  would change their logos frequently, along with the positioning of the logo on the grill.
Hey OP, did you get an answer from Rel?
Late to the party, but Rel told me the newer designs are horizontal. The older production models have the diagonal logo.
Like the previous poster mentioned, counterfeits in the audio industry are often built at the same factory as the real thing and sold in the grey market. So in reality the counterfeits often are indistinguishable from the real thing besides some dodgy logos.