DH Labs Silver Sonic

I'm looking for comments on DH Labs Silver Sonic ICs. How do they stack up to more expensive ICs like Ridge Street, Purist Audio, Kimber, Cardas?
Hi, I bought some .5 meter ic's to use for turntable to phono stage. They seem to hold their own quite well against my best, Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope.
I think they sound great, and are a good bargain to boot.

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Their Revelations are really good
I have used the DH Labs Air Matrix interconnects for quite a while now and they have always worked very well. Whenever I have compared to other cables they hold their own and thus far I have preferred the sound of the DH Labs, especially for the price.
I have my entire system wired with DH Labs BL-1 and D-75 interconnects and couldn't be happier.
The T-14 speaker cables are excellent also but there are more to choose from here too, namely Audioquest type 4 and Canare 4S11 starquad.
Don't buy into the hyper-priced cables... I won't say any more on that.
If you want to save even more money, buy it in bulk (Audio Concepts inc (ACI) and Blue Jeans Cables (BJC) have it), then get your favorite connector (I think the connector can have VERY significant influence). In fact I believe what many people "hear" is the quality of the connection as much as the cable so choose this carefully but, again, don't go crazy!!!
I've also been very happy with the DH Labs Air Matrix interconnects between my DAC and preamp and between the preamp and amp.

The point of diminishing returns is different for everyone but all The DH Labs cables I've used, BL-1, D-110 and Air Matrix interconnects and T-14 and Q-10 speaker cables, have felt like real bargains at their price.
I used to use the Air Matrix interconnects and then the Revelations. The Revelations are better cables in that they sounded a bit more refined to me than the Air Matrix.

As for comparisons, I auditioned the Purist Audio Musaeus and Elementa Advance interconnects as I was looking to upgrade from the Revelations. I ended up staying with the Revelations... I found the low end Purist offerings to sound thick and plodding, with more robust bass but less detail up top. The Revelations are silver cables, so they definitely have more speed and shimmer up top, but they aren't the end-all in bass response. However, though they keep it to a minimum, they still sounded "silvery" to me (not harsh, but very detailed and tipped up towards treble).

If I were in your shoes, I would look into trying the KCI Mandarina. Excellent treble and bass response without sounding thin. And, of course, you get that wonderful tonality in the midrange that only gold can provide...

I appreciate all the comments.

The Revelations and Air Matrix sound interesting. I'm currently using Kimber Silver Streaks for my sources and Purist Audio Musaeus between amps and preamp. I'm not unhappy with the sound, but I'd like to hear other ICs just to explore something different. I can't justify spending more than $300 which is why DH Labs got my interest.

Islandmandan, which version do you have?

05-23-08: Electro77
I used to use the Air Matrix interconnects and then the Revelations. The Revelations are better cables in that they sounded a bit more refined to me than the Air Matrix.
Electro77, when you say refined, do you mean more detailed? More balanced? Or something else altogether?
Hey Mingles,

It's been a long while since I've heard the DH Labs Revelations, and even longer since I've heard the Air Matrix, so my memory of how they sound is a bit faded. But I do recall thinking that the Revelations sound smoother, with more delicate treble than the Air Matrix. That's what I meant by refined...

Sorry about the lag in answering. I have the
Silver Sonic Air Matrix. I have since moved my table (actually, my whole system, 90 degrees) and had to use a 3 meter run from phono pre to pre amp. I wound up getting Synergistic's Tesla Vortex Analog cables. They sound great, but the point being is they are being fed by the DH Labs cables, so they are very good. Come to think of it, I don't know why I didn't order DH Labs for that run, and saved myself some money! Duh!


The DH Lab cables are very good for the money. They have a very balanced sound. Still own a .5 Meter of the Silver Sonic.
Way better than Kimber Silver Streak. IMHO
Are these ICs shielded?
Vett93: According to the DH Labs site, the BL-1 and Air Matrix are fully shielded. I don't see any information about shielding for the Revelation but you could contact DH Labs to find out.
the Revelation is not shielded. I can say that I've NEVER had a problem with them though. I use them on everything including the analog setup.
I use this plug for Everything RCA. I have no shares in the company but credit is due for these. Reasonably priced stoutly plated and their copper alloy works, as does the locking collar. I run it with Huber & Suhner Mill spec teflon sleeved silver core and shielded and all my cable arguments were put to rest because I have the best. LOL thethermonicavenger
I have been meaning to post comments regarding my admiration for DH Labs cables for a while, so I will take this opportunity to provide my comments. My Martin Logan Summit, Simaudio P7/W7 is now fully interconnected with DH Labs Red Wave, Q10, and Silver Matrix cables and I could not be happier. I selected the Silver Matrix initially. I was looking for an overall neutral cable and wanted to try a silver based wire. This wire has no trace of edginess that you may hear some silver cables interject, just a very clean presentation with unbiased tonality. The fact that this cable is used in many recording studios and after receiving very helpful and unbiased inputs from the DH Lab team, sold me on the decision to try out this cable. Subsequently I introduced the Q10 cables which was also very synergistic with my system. The Q10s simply lifted a veil or coloration that many people may like that I experienced with other cables I tried. The Red Waves came last but likewise have been a welcome addition. Somewhat addictive actually. I have been an audiophile for over 40 years, with countless high end cables in my system. The affordability of these cables makes these a must try for anyone looking to make a change for an honest, no gimmick cable that simply transfers the signal source without coloration.
I would go for the Air Matrix over the Silver Sonic as they are better by a wide margin. The Silver
Sonics can be a bit hard sounding. You could throw a Revelation in the mix somewhere. You'll get a bit more detail. They might sound more refined in your setup but they also could be a bit dry sounding.