Decware Line Conditioner - Worth the wait?

I'm interested in the Decware Line Conditioner which is just under $1000. Only issue is the 25 week build time.

Is it worth the wait, or what would you recommend of comparable quality at the same price point?
On the one hand this is nothing more than your basic transformer with cap "conditioner". All the benefits described that sound so great are really nothing more than what you get with any transformer. It is simply that since no audiophiles understand transformers they think all these great benefits are something extra Decware somehow adds. They aren't. You can use any transformer and cap and get just the same. Pretty much the same as what a lot of others are doing as well.

That's on the one hand. On the other, Decware uses not any transformer but a really high quality toroidal transformer and- this is crucial!- beeswax cap. Those who don't understand might be surprised to learn that dinky little cap has about as much to do with the sound quality as all the other stuff put together. Decware being known for quality gear I have to think they know their cap selection and this is a very good cap indeed.

The other single word that means a lot more than people might think is, "wholesale". This exact same conditioner, if sold the usual way, would be easily twice the price. At least. This is a huge and often times underrated benefit of buying from places like Decware, Tekton, Raven, Soundsmith, etc.

Since this thing is new and since Decware doesn't seem to play the game of sending reviewers free stuff to get good reviews you will have to search around for someone who has one- and then they will probably not have much to compare it with. That is the one benefit of reviewers, they at least have usually heard more to compare. But as for the same quality at the same price point? No way. Now you have to search around for someone selling direct. There's a reason Decware shows you exactly what is going on inside. They know no one can touch them on that.  

Never even knew Decware had come out with this. Thanks for letting us know!
It looks nice. I like that you can switch on 1 outlet at a time.

Power conditioners can make a positive difference for audio systems and even servers. Just don't expect any miracles from your gear. They can also regulate the power so your gear is using the right amount at all times.

A pure sine wave (without sharp peaks or dips) is what you want. This ensures that electricity is free from radio interference; found commonly in every home, building, or hotel. Want proof? Here's that along with a solid product:

If you don't believe this like the tumbleweed of naysayers on here, then you can buy that same tool and test it yourself.  Not saying you don't...good luck.
NO.. Stay off the list... UNTILL I get my STUFF.. :-)

Simple.. 6-8 months....wait, right now if you get on the build list, 8 months..

WHY? the only reason I can figure is warrantee work comes first, and they are small.

Copper foil caps were scarce too, still are for that mater.. Jupiter's