Decware Zen Monos

Seeking humble opinions on the new Decware Zen Monos.
In Every single Zen amp review I have read they are loved and adored.
Anyone not like these things? I have not heard them but considering a purchase.
I know that Steve ( the manufacturer ) and several "folks" had major words over at the Tube Asylum. Other than that, i have seen both good and comments made about the basic performance and circuit design. Like anything else, the designer had a certain sound that they like along with price constraints that they have to abide within. As such, the best way to see if YOU like the product and it will work within YOUR system is to check them out. Sean

PS.... Steve Deckert / Decware is about 2 hours away from me.
I wish to use this forum to spread my good fortune to hear the Decware Zen Triode Select SE84 C-S amplifier. While not the monos, Decware claims the Select version uses all the same parts and equals the sonic quality. And what quality there is to be had. This is a terrific boon to the audio enthusiast who doesn't own high-impedance (8ohms or higher) esoteric speakers and wants to get into the single-ended sound. The design of the Zen Triode series of amps permits it to excel with 8ohm or LOWER (typically 4ohm) loads. My experience with speakers of 90dB and up proves that the amp is the genuine article. It has the midrange coherence of the best single-ended (read ultra expensive) amps and, this one is most unexpected... it has great, deep bass output. The soundstage is probably the most glorious aspect of the amp because it is huge: spreading from wall to wall, with real depth and intrumental separation. The amp, though it looks like a kit, is no toy. I am glad to share this recommendation.