Tekton vs Decware

I'm looking for a reasonably priced pair of high efficiency floorstanders. I'm giving hard looks at the Tekton Lore, Lore-S, and Decware MG944. Anyone actually heard all of those? Or simply want to throw out an educated guess on their sound differences? I have ample experience w/ Tekton M-Lores, so I have a pretty good idea about the regular Lores, but the others are new to me. Thanks
I've considered Tektons before, but this has to be the best value in a high efficiency for a small to medium sized room.
I forgot to ad this link:

BTW I'm not in anyway connected to this company, just seems like an honest, you get more than you pay for speaker.
Thanks for the suggestion, but corner horns aren't really an option.

I have Hornshoppe Horns placed a few feet from the side walls and about a foot from the front wall and they sound great so corner placement may be optimal, but not essential.
I've had the Hornshoppe Horns and they do not need to be placed in the corner to get the best sound. They were great but I upgraded to the MG944s to get more bass and I never was satisfied. Something was lost in the trade: air and coherence, which are some of the dominant traits of single drivers when done well.

I've since graduated to Tonian Labs TL0-D1s which expand on the single driver theme with a super tweeter and are better executed (I get very convincing bass, tone and texture) The Tektons physically resemble the Tonians in that regard and from what I've read adequately address the lower mids and bass.

In all honesty, I think the Hornshoppe Horns or the Decware MG944s will be a step sideways and may not be your cup of tea if you really like the sound of the Tektons.

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Thanks for the response -- I'd actually forgotten I even started this thread. I think you misunderstood how I felt about the Tekton sound -- they were a bit too "in your face" for my taste. I ended up w/ the MG944s, which I much prefer -- a much more refined sound.
Glad you like the MG944s. As always, it's always how it sounds in your system that counts.

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Never heard the Decware, but by default I'd go with them. TO MY EARS, I don't get Tekton or Zu Audio. Way to bright, way in your face. No warmth. No fullness of sound, for lack of a better water, their un-refined speaker.
Based on my sample set of listens to date, I suspect to get "fullness of sound" out of a higher efficiency speaker they have to be pretty large in that they have to be able to do bass more efficiently than most and there are technical limits to what can get out of any driver and box of a particular size. Can’t change the laws of physics. Of course its all relative. Room acoustics alone might be sufficient to tweak more fullness of sound out of a box in some cases.
I bought a pair of Sonist a few months ago. Concerto 4. 97db. Smooth and dynamic. Really happy.
Do yourself a favor and try out a Linear Tube Audio MZ2-S to drive them. I am using the 1 watt from the MZ2 for my Decware ERRx radial speakers and it's the best yet.