Decware ZSB please help

Hello All,

   I have one of the Decware ZEN switch box that I am using in reverse. The model I have does not have the A/B switch so I can run two  different sources. I reached out to decware but no reply. I know they are very backed up with orders. So I was hoping someone here could help me. I have good soldering skills but I need for someone that can tell me what switch I need to buy and maybe a hand written schematic diagram so I know what wires to solder to which wires. So if anyone could help please let me know

A switch box without a switch? I’m not sure why I would do that.

First, you have the unit, and a factory schematic would be wonderful, but again, YOU have the unit.. Draw one up and I’d be more that happy to draw lines for you and add a big ol honkin switch..

Put a big knife edge switch on top of the box made of polished and varnished copper.

Add a little turn of the century flair to the Zen, maybe Vulcan "My thought to your thoughts, my mind to you mind". :-)

Time to feed the chickens..

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Hello all

  The ZSB box I have is the one yogiboy4 listed above. If you can look down on the website page for this box you can see only a hand drawn schematic but you can order this box with a switch option but mine does not have this so I wanted to add it so I can run two sources at one time.  Right now when I try to run two sources only one source works and the other seems to not work. only one works at a time. 
Sorry let me clarify I want to be able to switch from one source to the other source. Not run both at the same time. If you look a Steve's drawing for the ZSB it show just running one source and four amps but if you have the switch you can use both of them by switching them. 
OK OP my only question; do you have 2 (two) RCA inputs or one?

If you have only one pair or L/R RCAs add a second set. Cut the wires and leave pig tails on the original switch 1/2 - 1" long, from the input RCAs

DON’T cut them to short.

You need THREE dual poles and a two position toggle switch. The center 2 poles is the feed for the two pigtsils you left on the original switch.

The other two pairs of RCAs (L/R) goes to either side of the feed wire poles (center).

You can have an OFF position by adding a 3rd center throw or it could combined both A and B positions (not usually a good idea)

A or B
A off B
A both B

1 and 4 to one set of RCAs (A)
2 and 5 to the pig tails
3 and 6 to the other RCAs (B)
oldhvymec3  yes it has two sets of RCA inputs. Thank you so much for your help this is exactly what I needed and you keep it so simple so I understand  how to do it. I just have one question about the switch. Can I use this switch? Will this one work? Please advise

Thanks again for all you help.
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I still don't see how to get to the "4 amps" or 4 outputs without a bunch of cable splitting. 

Use the Schiit and Decware together and only use one input on the Decware and it's 4 outs.

OR draw your own schematic and solder away on just the Decware..

A preamp would have fixed it all for the inputs and output to a single  input on the Decware and use its 4 outputs. Simpler yet..
I just have one question about the switch. Can I use this switch? Will this one work? .....
Any dpdt switch will work. However, not all toggle switches created equally, for best result, look for gold plated silver contact.