decware err radial speakers

Has anyone heard these speakers, first hand? I am looking for a speaker that creates a nice soundstage and was considering these but there is not much written on them. Thanks.

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You may get the info you need over at the Decware forum as there are a few folks there who own the ERRs, including one guy who owns 6 in a multi-channel set-up with dual center speakers. However, calling Steve, as opposed to sending a PM, is probably the best way.
I visited the gentleman, he goes by ZIGY over on the Decware forum, who makes the ERR speakers and his own design, the HR-1, last year at his home. His dedicated listening room is small but very well treated. Listening is basically done in the near-field. He did not have any ERRs available at the time, so I listened to the HR-1s and a prototype of the DM945. This was before he and Steve Deckert came to a formal agreement to distribute the HR-1s.

I have not heard any omni design, so I can't compare the HR-1s to Ohms, Physiks, Duevels or Planets, or the Holistic Audio omni. I thought the HR-1s sounded very good but had a more conventional type of sound than I was expecting, due probably to the front-firing mid-range driver. Source was a CD-player and tube amplification was used.

I liked the HR-1s but I loved the room.

And, as an FYI, the ERRs, while still available, are undergoing a re-design so one won't find them listed for sale on the Decware website.