Review: Decware SV 83 S Tube amp

Category: Amplifiers

The Sound
The Decware Series amp makes all previous versions obsolete. The sound is dead flat, nothing added or lost. This amp is truly musically inspired. In my 40 years of listening I can say this amp is a lot sound and quality construction for the dollar. Compared to other products in this price and power range this has to be a real winner.

Associated gear

Loudspeakers – Decware HDT, Kharma Model 1.0 and Genesis 900 active subwoofer.
Amplifier – Agopy 2A3
Preamplifier – Audio Aero Preamp All in one unit.
Digital – Audio Aero Capitol MkII CD player.
Interconnects – Diva, Custom made by Diva.
Speaker cables – Argent Pursang.
Power Cords – Factory Supplied
Accessories – Black Diamond Cones

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