Somebody please give me an evaluation of the DECWARE TORII's ability to handle bass and/or heavy music with lots going on. How well does it unravel complex arrangements (e.g., Yes, ELP, Tull, Mahavishnu Orchestra). So often with tube amps, you hear things like, "Dianna Krall's voice just floated past me and kissed me on the cheek as it went by". But how would that amp sound if Dianna Krall were singing lead vocals on Led Zeppelin II while the amp was cranked up?
Depends on speakers. Through moderately efficient speakers (90dB+ 1W/1M), the Zen Torii Mk.III can reproduce excellent macrodynamics and bass in well-recorded "heavy" music. Though I haven't yet heard the Torii Mk.III sound overloaded or congested, keep in mind it's output is 25 watts/ch. With an excellent pair of efficient monitors and a fast, musical subwoofer, the Torii Mk.III can reveal inner detail and nuance, and still attain near concert SPL.