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Is the Almarro 318B For Me?Any Others?
I  am happy to report that my modded A318b has none of the shortcomings described.  Who did the mods?  Details on the mods, please? 
Looking for integrated better than my Rogue Sphinx
I'm wondering if the Anthem Integrated 225 doesn't have what you need. 
Tim, I was having fun too. No worries. 
At this point though, I just needed to find someone to complete the amp builds and I wasn't going to give up. After all, did America give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? I think we all know the answer to that.WHAT!!! The Germans bombed Pe... 
Favorite reviewer?
So the last post was almost 7 years ago. I think maybe I will add Part-time Audiophile (Scot Hull) to this list. He's close to my favorite audio read anyway.Looking up above to Dazzdax's post, I do read 6moons but Srajan Ebaen's writing style remi... 
Should I upgrade my Blu-ray player now?
Bob,I don't have the HK 990, was only referring to it as the only stereo component I know of that has room correction.Room dimensions are 17'8" x 15'6" x 8'. Speakers are along the long wall - PBN Montana XP (not the XPS) L/R and PBN Montana SPC c... 
Sjofen The Clue speakers
Reminds me of the review (with pictures) Part-Time Audiophile did of these stacked speakers at RMAF 12: RMAF12: Sjöfn Hifi and catching ( the clue) 
Should I upgrade my Blu-ray player now?
I have two speakers now. The HK 990 is the only stereo (only) component I know that also has room correction. I am reluctant to invest in a pre-pro, room acoustics notwithstanding, until I add more speakers. Once I get myself to at least a 5.1 sys... 
Should I upgrade my Blu-ray player now?
db,re - your last sentence - I almost added something to that effect in my OP. I am definitely not going to wait around for something else, the next big thing, whatever, because you are correct, the cost of waiting means missing out on doing somet... 
Should I upgrade my Blu-ray player now?
Thank you for your replies. Bob, I am with you (or I want to be) that "...that Blu-ray will be around 20 years from now"). There is this question I have that by purchasing an Oppo 105, or any Blu-Ray player for that matter today, am I investing in... 
Charlotte, NC
I'm in Fort Mill, SC and would really like to see something get started. I've driven as far a Raleigh to visit in on the club up there. There's just something about Charlotte...don't know what it is. There are members who post regularly on various... 
What is your most beautiful component?
My PBN Montana XP speakers are pretty nice but I think my Raysonic CD-128 is the nicest-looking component I have - especially at night. 
Best beer
I was drinking SweetWater Georgia Brown Ale this winter. Not a big far of dark brown ales - some are too malty for me, but this struck a nice balance with the caramel and chocolate malts plus the hops.I like Bells Two Hearted Ale. Now that spring ... 
Your favorite musical non fatiguing speakers?
I have the Ohm Walsh 5000 and I can listen all day.I'm not ready to say it is my favorite yet, too many other speakers I'd like to hear. Darn Frazeur1 for talking up the Shahinians. 
Sony HAP-Z1ES Hi-Res Music Player RMAF 2013
I'm also with Mitch4t. While not essential for me, a digital in will allow me to listen to Internet radio and other digital sources and possibly eliminate an extra DAC in the system. The HAP-Z1ES DAC, while not the best out there, will probably be...