Decware integrated

Hi all. I'm posting this because I'm looking at the Decware zen Trioid SE34I.5 integrated amp as my first foray into tubes. I'm planning on purchasing Zu audio dirty weekend mkII and would like your opinion if this would make for a decent starter tube system. 
Zen is top notch! I lean towards Omega speakers, particularly with Decware, but I can't imagine it sounding anything but wonderful.

I have the Decware mini torii 4 watts use Ref 3A de Capos 92db loud enough and amazing sound
Contact Steve Deckert at Decware and tell him your set-up; he'll let you know if the amp is right for you.
Thanks everyone for your response. I've looked into Decware and love the idea of everything being hand made to order, plus following up with a lifetime guarantee. That's amazing!
  I've read up on as much as I can on this particular integrated amp, but little is out there. This post is really mainly to get a feel from actual users on their thoughts about Decware products as a whole.
  The reason I would pair them with the Zu audio Dirty Weekends is that they are running a sell and I've been quite intreged about the whole Zu Audio obsession.
I've owned two Decware amps in the past.  You will like dealing with Decware.  If I recall, most of the amps allow for two different connection settings depending on ohm load of the speakers.  Steve can usually set up the amp to allow either 4 or 8 ohms, or 8 or 16 ohms.  You may want the latter.  The Zu speakers show as 12 ohm speakers.  I would talk to Steve as has been suggested.