Decent Bookshelf Speakers ?

Whould anyone care to suggest bookshelf style speakers for a second system? I just don't have the room to place them away from the wall.
I listen to chamber music, choral, sacred, solo.
I whould be using them along the long wall, about 7-8 feet from my seat. The room is about 11 feet wide.
They don't have to be tiny, up to 18" is fine.
They don't have to be cheap, but I don't mind a bargain, new or used.
Electronics are a 75w NAD receiver and a Harman Kardon CDP.

The main issue is they must fit on my bookshelf.
I really like the Triangle Titus's, either the older version or the newer ES series. Around $400 in excellant but used condition. Great value for the Money. Happy hunting!
I would recommend used Linn Tukans. They work best against the wall.
NHT SB3-no ports, flush mounted tweeter, durrable as heck, cheap

Von Schweikert VR-1-airy, not finnicky about placement, not finnicky about associated equipment, reasonably priced

Spendor SP3/1P-Great speaker, forgiving of bad recordings but detailed, ported so needs to be placed towards front of shelf

Good luck!
I second the Linn suggestion. I have had spectacular results using Linn Katans against a wall....
Most, if not all, bookshelf speakers severly compromise the bass response. Consider laying a pair of Vandersteen 1C speakers sideways on your shelves!! (I dumped my BIG NAME bookshelve speakers for 1Cs and could not be happier. And the are against a wall....sounding great.) Just an idea.
ProAc response 1SC. This is the tried and true mini-monitor with almost cult following for smooth yet detailed presentation of voice, chamber music, jazz combo, etc. in a most natural and uncolored presentation. I have owned both the Reponse 1S and the 1SC, and both were great, althought the SC (my current speakers) provides much better bass response. On the used market, a good pair of these speakers will run about $1K. I love them, although I should point out that these speakers are not perhaps the best choice for presenting with authority a large orchestra.
About a month ago I was in your exact position. I was setting up a bedroom system with dimensions very similar to yours. Like you, I am using a nad 7175pe 75w receiver with a basic Integra cd player. I found a used pair of Dynaudio Audience 42's on Audiogon for a very reasonable price. They are rear ported. I too, have to place them clost to a wall. I rolled up a sock and inserted it in each one. They plugs did not come with them. The socks work fine. The 42's still have a rich low end this way. They sound great. I listen mostly to classical and various piano, along with the local public radio.
Thanks everyone for your ideas.
front ported sounds like the way to go, I love my Joseph Audio RM7si's
Tyler Acoustics makes a few bookshelf speakers that are front ported. If you have the extra cash there is the Ultimate Monitor which is a sealed design. You can come down in price to the Escalante designs speakers. Usher Audio makes some fine monitors which have upgrades available if you like to tweak.
Mackies are active studio monitors you may get in some of pro audio stores or for arround $600 per pair.
The only downside is that you have to be more closer to these speakers probably by one more foot.
Is there any reason not to go with Aerial 5b's?
They are un-ported.