Decent low-cost used phono amp

Although not an analog guy, a friend has offered to give me his AR turntable with Shure V15 II cartridge, the same analog setup I had as a post doc decades ago. But I'll need a phono amp to feed the AUX input of my Proceed PAV. Any suggestions?

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What's your budget?
If your on a really tight budget, Creek, NAD, Parasound,Bellari all make starter options that perform very well. For a few more bucks try a used Musical Surroundings "Phonomena" which will allow you almost any cart you may try later.
I really enjoyed my Parasound Zphono with my Pro-ject Xpression and Shure V15VxMR till it got gakked
Sorry i meant the cart not the Zphono that is still ticking :)
Budget not over $500, preferably less.

I have owned both the Wright Sound WPP200C (tube) and Lehmann Black Cube SE (solid state). Both are available used for under $500. I can easily recommend either, but my favorite was the Wright.
Musical Surroundings Phonomena can be had around $300 and will handle about any MM and MC you wil ever throw at it.
Great choices guys, add the Dynavector P-75 to the list.
Cambridge 640, not the 540
How about Hagerman Technologies, they sell kits and fully functioning
units. Excellent stuff.
Sim audio LP3
Dynavector P75
Jolida JD9A can be found new with warranty for $369. Very flexible tube stage that handle any cartridge you like.

I also like the Lehmann Black Cube SE. They show up used here for ~400 maybe less.