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Any tweaks I'm missing?
A couple of vodka tonics work excellent before a listening session.  
Hidden Gems in Pre-Owned Solid State Power Amplifiers?
1996 Carver TFM-35x.  Bought it new.Still going strong today. No issues. Sounded so close to a McIntosh 275, I sold my Mac after getting a good offer on it. Teamed up with DCM TimeWindow 3 speakers. Magic!! 
Ohm Walsh Talls and amplification
Had good luck with my vintage Ohm F speakers using a Carver TFM-35x.  
First order/Time Phase-Coherent speakers discussions
I recently came across a pair of vintage DCM TimeWindow 3 speakers. Phase and time aligned, by designer Steve Eberbach.TO MY EARS, they sound great.  The usual superlatives: can hear more details, voices are more real, brushes on a drum more reali... 
Carver 275 Crimson tube amp --- any feedback appreciated
Just get a McIntosh 275.Check out the response specs.It has 2, 4 and 8 ohm taps.Compare the weight of it to other amps.In tube amps, weight matters!  And no, I do not work for McIntosh... 
Dahlquist DQ-10 : Latest driver substitutes??
I've located a single tweeter to get the pair up & running. Based on results, I now have a few sources to contact if I wish to upgrade from there. Thanks to all for the responses. 
Dahlquist DQ-10 : Latest driver substitutes??
Wow, speakersupply.com offers a ton of stuff. I'll keep them in mind if I can't find an original tweeter or decide to upgrade drivers. Thanks. 
Dahlquist DQ-10 : Latest driver substitutes??
Thanks, Muzcal. Ebay would be my second choice, since I find AudioGon folks to be much more honest. (None of this "as is due to age" stuff.) The woofers are the originals and were refoamed about 6 years ago. 
Dahlquist DQ-10 : Latest driver substitutes??
Cadet1, I'm interested in the single tweeter to get the pair up & running. Contact me, please.Cwlondon: Thanks for the advice. I googled them and there are tons of differing opinions! I have some stands about a foot tall. Would that be a good ... 
Anyone here using vintage speakers?
Rectilinear III, Ohm C2, AR3a, JBL LE14C, JBL Studio Master 200B, ElectroVoice, Jensen G610 Triaxial, KLH 5, and this morning I just picked up a pair of Janszen Z-600s that need 2 woofers and a tweeter. Yes, they all get some use now and then. My ... 
$1 a foot cable: 10awg no-name or 14awg brand?
I have a 36 foot run for the garage. I used 12 ga. lamp cord at about 39. foot from the hardware store. Ran it up through the rafters to a pair of KLH 5 speakers I got from a flea market. Since the 10" woofers have a cloth roll suspension, they ar... 
Gold CDs ...... too much?
There is only one "master" tape, hence the name MASTER!! Not all labels record off the original master. The term is sometimes applied loosely.I like all my MFSL and DCC gold CDs. Maybe the gear is the problem?? I use all Mac tubes w/ Vandersteen ... 
Rear Ported Speakers, Backs to Wall?
BEWARE of guys that spell "bass" base!! 
Vandersteen 3a sigs- Tube or SS
I power mine with ONE MC275 in a 10x16x8 room. PLENTY of gas!I don't think you'll need 2. Also use a C22, MR71, MMF-7 and Rega Planet 2K. Very nice combo.... 
veneer question
The veneer is probably shrinking due to low humidity.Something to think about when buying speakers, if you live where you heat the house in the winter.