Decent internet radio stations.....

Any decent internet radio stations that come to mind? Also...I remember hearing a few from New Zealand that were pretty cool...anybody have any info? Bonus for station that has reggae/dub programs...
069b1a3e 8b93 42f6 ba94 12e823c57856phasecorrect Electic Programing.Morning becomes Electic my fav.and check archives of same for bands playing in the studio live.A Treasure Trove of New Music and old.Where I discovered Sigur Ros,Air and many more way before they were famous.Possibly the best radio station in the USA in its catagory.I'm looking forward to other responses.Enjoy,JD
My favorites are WNYU (89.1) and WUSB (90.1) both downloaded via their websites or go to RADIO-LOCATOR.COM for all internet radio stations listed by genre. I've been listing to these college stations since the early seventies via the FM airwaves when I lived in NYC later on LI.(I've bought many many import 12 inches/LP's because of them). I have a friend DKLINE as a program director at WUSB and hosts a great punk show friday's 2:30-5:30 pm E.T. It is only by the internet that I could still enjoy my type of music here in boring Melbourne, Fl for the last two years.
You can download software at This software lets you select music channels according to what type of music you want to hear and you can switch back and forth as you desire.

The software shows Artist, Song, Album and Channel of the current song as well as listing the next track.
For classical, "" out of London is very good.
Here is what I'm listening to at the moment: CoolBlue 96.1

Good blues out of Auckland.

Good thread Phasecorrect.

I remain,

An eclectic mix of alt-country, blues, bluegrass, rock, jazz, reggae. Knowledgeable, interesting dj's. Great overnight shows.

Great Jazz with Blues on Saturday morning. Reggae Saturday evening. It comes from Atlanta, Ga.