Small integrated with decent headphone outputs ?

Is this possible? or do all integrateds have cheap headphone sound? . This to match my Senn's HD-600.

Thanks all
The Creek 5350SE has a headphone output that is decent. However, I had Grado phones, not Senn's. Don't Senn's work best with a headphone amp? I would also look for a integrated that has tape loops so you could explore the headphone amp/integrated combo. Something like a MF X-Can(??) and an Arcam integrated for example.

The Sennheiser HD-600 work best (and I am pretty sure were designed to work) with a headphone amp. I had been using Grado SR 60 headphones and just recently upgraded to a HD-600/Creek OBH-11 amp combination and I find the combination quite good. I am recovering from spine surgery, so the headphones are getting a good workout.

One observation is that well recorded CDs benefit from using a headphone amp. Poorly recorded CDs sound just sound louder and worse.

Regards, Rich
Hi - Check out the Audio Van Alstine OmegaStar Control Amp at:

GREAT headphone amp, and an absolutely wonderful integrated amp!

Good Luck,
McCormack has a little headphone amp with two line inputs that could be used as an integrated amp 25WPC. It's performance is superb for any heavy headphones either Sennheiser or AKG.
I hear the bryston B60 is a good headphone amp...I can't say myself since I dont have headphones though...but I like the amp.