David Belles / Power Modules Inc.

Does anyone know if Power Modules is still in business and still managed by David Belles ?
If so, what is the best way to get in touch with David these days ?  Look forward to any input.
Also Dave Belles has this absolutely smoken superb new 1995 Aria integrated that sounds amazing and engaging at the same time with remote, phono action, headphone jack and Made in USA.
 and no switching chips BS either Its a real amp!
  Audio Connection is a Belles dealer for many years.
 Best JohnnyR
Hey Don
The Heed obelisk is a nice refined amp, sweet driving a pair of epos or similar designs offers a nice intimate presentation for smaller bedrooms.
They also make nice discreet headphone amps and Phono stages we like as well.

The Belles Aria is a different animal extraordinarily open, dynamic visceral, engaging drives Vandersteen Treo CTs/ 2 Sigs to near perfection, Proac Studio 148s B&Ws and Magnepan point .7series etc most folks hear this w Treo CTs and say wow that's amazing.
 Its got a nice phono section, remote volume control, remote source input, Tape monitor, headphone jack, / on/ off, real chassis mount RCA Jacks,  a talented real amp inside and Made in USA!
  I once asked Apogee's Jason Bloom a question Jason It seems you like to run with many crazy expensive amps with your speakers are there any that play music that you approve of at real world $ and he said Belles I don't know how he does it.
 For me , its an easy choice I love it.
 Audio Connection
Hi John- Thanks for your reply. It sounds as if the Heed shines with micro-dynamics, and play nicely with a good budget speaker like Epos. Yet it's synergy with Harbeth is also pretty well documented. 
Cheers (-: Don   
Yes agree but document this
 you may feel foolish if you deny yourself hearing the Aria
 Its really capable of eating the lunch of the status quo.
 Pop down we can have fun and put on the sun glass blinders for you
 and then tell me what you like.
Hey Johnny R- I appreciate the invite, and opportunity. Will certainly give that some thought.  Cheers -Don
Audio Connection - how does the Belles Aria compare to the Belles Soloist 1 int amp?

(((How does the Belles Aria compare to the Belles Soloist 1 int amp?))

 The Belles Aria @ 1995 is over 2 years of work and in a much higher sophisticated league then the soloist.
 As a matter of fact most will miss the boat on how good it is
 bobbing around for what they read is good with 200 watts without a listen.
What this thing does or should i say doesn't do I cant even put a price on it.
 Audio Connection
@audioconnection John, the Aria has caught my attention.  How would you say it compares to the Ayre 7xe integrated?  For example, with Vandersteen?  Does the Aria use less feedback than the Soloist 1?  Aria a good fit with Treo?

As always, thanks......

Hey folks. I am running a Belles Aria preamp with Dave's 150A power amp. I still have my old Belles One. Dave is a fine gentleman/great designer/craftsman. I play a Scout/Sumiko through his combo out to a pair of refurbed Ohm 2.2000. Sounds like music to me. He builds the real thing!

birbygdad: I am looking at going to his separate Aria line or possibly the Aria Int. Amp which I have read great things about. Currently using Hegel which I really like as it does a great job on the digital end as well. 
hey gandalf: my old Belles One still works pushing an even older pair of ARs. My present system is based on Dave Belles equipment as referenced above. His work has a simple strength about it that I appreciate. It’s not fancy or extravagant but very musical. The phone preamp is very good. I haven’t heard the Aria power amp but if I needed one I would not hesitate.
birdygdad: I just ordered a Aria Pre/Amp in Silver and I will most likely get the mono blocks down the road. However I might try one of these out since the cost is great and I know of a few people that have them and like them a lot! 

Gandalf, I think you will love the Aria preamp. I'm running a Grado cart now and it sounds great. Even though I have a Belles 150 v2 power amp now I am intrigued by the Aria monoblocs. I've not heard the class D amps (except in phones, etc) but they seem to be the big thing. You'll enjoy the Aria preamp. Good luck.
birbygdad: Thank for the info, picking up my Aria Preamp while I am at Axpona next week. Still seeking a good Amp to use with it, I am tempted to go with the Aria Monolocs just not sure if they will have the power reserves to run the Dynaudio C2’s Platinums or my Maggie 1.7is.. The Class D Audio seems to have crap loads of power, just unsure of the clarity of the Class D stuff. Coin toss either way.
If you think Aria Mono's are not enough
Check out the New Belles SA 100
Its a dual Mono design ,has a big sense of scale and sophistication
drove 86 db Vandersteen 3 A SIGs to near perfection.

One of our interested clients brought in his 500 wpc Spectron musicians mono Digital amps.
The comparison started as an an obvious Belles choice and continued with him thinking maybe trying this speaker wire or that power cord can fix this after a couple weeks of more searching he just said Uncle.
The Belles just had a certain engagement that pulls you into the music.
He now owns the Belles power amp.

Check out the New Belles SA 100

audioconnection --

Is there a "new" SA-100 having just surfaced, or are you simply referring to the SA-100 that’s been on the market for almost 4 years now?

Using the class-A version myself, the SA-30 - a wonderful poweramp.

How would you compare the SA-100 and SA-30 sonically?
JohnnyR: according to David the new Aria Mono Amp will just run about anything as he stated his specs are on the very conservative side. Looking at pairing them up with some Dynaudio C2 Platinums and some Magnepan 1.7i... I will have the pre/amp this weekend, just using a old rebuilt Amp but looking forward to a decent Amp(s) to run speakers with easy. A pair of MB-200 might do the trick as well! ;) 
 Belles Aria Mono's are a freak show of an amp.
In my listening experience its more about what these amps don't do that makes them special.

   Off Topic: Running a Belles Soloist 3 pre-amp with Belles 150A Hot Rod power amp for years.  Catastrophic failure of power amp.  Replaced with Belles 150A Reference V2 power amp, still using the Soloist 3 pre.
   Is this coupling of an older Belles entry level pre with a new Belles power amp a mismatch?  I'm sure there is much to be gained with a new Aria pre but is using the original Soloist 3 competent, or is it holding too much back?    
My "off topic" response posted above is perhaps misplaced.  I moved it to "New discussions."  Sorry. kdbarnes.