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Can anyone help me out. I recently purchased 2 copies of Pete Townshend's Who Came First Classic Records 200g version from When they arrived both were flawed with what looks like marks on the stampers. I have sent two emails to them in order to return the albums for exchange and they have not responded. I have not be able to find a phone number for them either. They are a sister company to Classic Records. I recently sent them an email explaining my problem and have no heard from them either. Again I have not been able to find a phone number.

I found a forum discussing the problems Classic Records has had with the 200g series. I am wondering if they are trying to avoid responding because of it.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get in direct contact with them?

I would try contacting the place where you purchased them for a return. I purchase my new LP's from acoustic sounds or music direct and they have been very good about exchanging if I was not satisfied. I also have had similar problems with classic records and no longer purchase from their label for this reason. I have a few early 180gm that are nice however.
follow davt's advice. most labels are not set up to exchange product. their distributers and retailers are.
I stopped buying the Classic label simply because I have had one too many with defects.

They need to get their QC department running.
Never buy directly from them. Use one of the retailers such as Acoustic Sounds or Music Direct. They will replace defective product. As I said, Classic and The Music suck.
Thanks all for your replies. Yesterday I received an email from saying they will replace the albums. It only took a month. They said they open and look at replacement albums. Today I received an email saying they opened a couple replacement albums and those had the same marks on them as mine. They were going to search in other batches to find any good copies, hopefully.

I do hope they get their act together as they had a great reputation until recently. I wonder if their just announced Clarity Vinyl series will improve their standing in the vinyl community.

I have purchased several albums from Music Direct and have returned several, no questions asked. They are fantastic.

Happy Listening!
I just purchased one of the new clarity vinyl LP's. I didn't find it better than what's currently out there. Funny thing is I received and e-mail from (where is purchased it) recalling the LP. I'd hold off a bit before you invest in the Clarity Vinyl.