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whole house surge protector?
What is the particular model of the Leviton that you purchased? 
Contacting Classic Records /
Thanks all for your replies. Yesterday I received an email from saying they will replace the albums. It only took a month. They said they open and look at replacement albums. Today I received an email saying they opened a couple repla... 
HE 2004 West Cancelled due the worker lockout
Albert, could you please expand on the issue with Chicago and the exhibitors. I attended the Chicago Hi-Fi show a few year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It really gave me the itch. I have been looking forward to its return to no avail. I also sen... 
Memories........What made you catch the Audio Bug?
I guess it would have to be many, many years ago when my family was over at a friend's house and we were listening to some music. I think it was around '70 or '71. I don't remember what the music was or what equipment they had, but I do remember a... 
return of the king
Yes, Christopher Lee should be in it. Peter Jackson did say he would be after cutting him out from the original. If I remember Lee was not too happy with that, but has since gotten over it. 
Sytrofoam peanuts and EVIL and worthless
Don't let those nasty boogers get the best of you. Kill them dead with your zerostat gun. They don't stand a chance, that is if you own one. 
return of the king
I read it may be in November in time for the holidays. 
Problem copying a CD
Are you using two different drives or just one? I ran into this issue using two drives. The read drive was operating slower than the write drive. It will record for a while and then stop. I adjusted the speed on the CD writer so it ran at the same... 
$600 cd player with balanced output
I agree on the Classe CDP .5. I have the older version (solid black or silver) and feel it is a great player. I have see them in the range of$600-$700. 
What are the best receptacles and plugs?
Thanks to all for pointing me to past threads. Greatly appreciated. 
Best Rock, Blues, Jazz speaker under $1,500.
I second Shoe's recommendation. I would also consider the 3A's, as a good used pair fall in your range. I think you will find they are a great speaker with a little more punch than the 2ce's. 
what this site needs ...
I agree with octopus. After a deal that went bad recently, I think that feedback tied to a specific sale would add more credibility the sellers' and buyers' rating. I recently suggested this to them on a follow-up email I sent following a dispute.... 
Vandersteen VCC-1
I do not have a home theater system, but from what I have read in various sources it would probably be to your advantage to go with the VCC-1. You will get a better presentation with the Vandersteen line-up than mixing the speakers. They were "mad... 
Room/wall treatments for new basement?
I am in the process right now of finishing my basement. The reason for doing the following is to keep the music from traveling through the floors and ductwork. Also would hope it has some acoustical benefits in the listening area.I don't have an i... 
Damage in Shipping by UPS - RE CEC TL 1 X - HELP
I recently mailed a small electronics item via UPS. They asked if it was an electonic item and when I told them yes, they had to open the package to check it. Apparently their policy is that electronic items have to be in their original box and th...